Colorado B&B Dude Ranch Murder Mysteries

With neighbors like Mae and Charlie, our dude ranch B&B sees lots of mystery murders!

With neighbors like Mae and Charlie, our dude ranch B&B sees lots of mystery murders!

What do Pepi Roni (the pizza magnate), Judge Waylin Payne (of Roadkill, Colorado) and the science fiction author H. G. Wells have in common? Why, they’ve all been murdered right here at our Colorado B&B – dude ranch!

One of our favorite winter time activities is Murder Mystery weekends. Once a month or so, when we have 8 to 12 willing suspects, we find a poor murder victim sprawled out nearby – “deader than a doornail.” Murdered, and often with the first clue nearby.

Murder on the Dude Ranch?

Murder on the Dude Ranch?

Who did it? Helena Handcart? Charley Chaplin? Tiny Bubbles? Father Alfredo?

Our guests then spend the weekend, between meals and horse back riding, untangling each others’ half-truths. evasions and high jinks. The games are designed for participants who are willing to take a whimsical view of blackmail, larceny, deceit, and murder.

Those of you who are offended by such high-jinks as shady dealings, sordid affairs, and deceptive conduct should not book reservations for these weekends! If you do book, plan on some laughter!

We love hosting these games. Imagine, people come to spend a B&B week-end with us: They exercise our dude ranch horses, they make us laugh like crazy for the weekend, and then they pay us money! What a life!

Agatha Christie, baffled by this B&B mystery murder, consoles herself..

Agatha Christie, baffled by this Bed & Breakfast mystery murder, consoles herself..

We have  games scheduled the weekends of:

November 11th  Sorry! Fully booked!

December 9th

December 31st New years!

January 13th

February 24th

We can also schedule a game for any time that you might have 8 – 12 people who want to spend the week-end together and play (before dude ranch season begins in mid-May) – birthday party or maybe just get away with some friends!

Give us a call (970-224-1222) and we can tell you all about Bed and Breakfast murder in Red Feather Lakes.

Mae West and Charlie Chaplin on a dude ranch?

Mae West and Charlie Chaplin on a dude ranch?


What Makes Us Different?

Size – We are a Small Dude Ranch
No name tags. No crowds. No lines.

Relaxed & Flexible
Take off your watch. You won’t need it. We keep riding groups small so we are able to be very flexible in our riding program and activities.

Adventure Vacation
In addition to horseback riding we offer Rafting, Rock Climbing, Shooting, Hiking, Mountain Biking and much more!

We Love to Teach
We believe that riding should be fun, should be safe, and that learning never ends.

Not a Nose-to-Tail Program
Our wranglers will never tell you to “get in line.” We don’t believe in lines!

Concern for Your Safety
We follow the standards of the American Association of Horsemanship Safety,and our wranglers are Safety Certified by the Dude Ranchers Association.

Concern for the Environment
We live the “No Trace” Ethic, which means that we do our best to leave a very small foot-print in our National Forest.

Pet Friendly
We are the only pet friendly dude ranch that we know! Your dog, if he/she is well mannered around children and other animals, is welcome!

Family Orientation
We enjoy sharing our lifestyle with people, especially families. We enjoy helping families play together.

Come Visit Us
This is our home, we live here and we’re open year-round.
You are very welcome to come visit us just give us a call!

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