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Dude Ranch Challenge Courses: Part 1

Colorado Dude Ranch Vacation

Single Person Challenge Course

colorado dude ranch bridge

Starting simple

So many of our guest ranch guests have been here numerous times, so every year or two we try to

add something new to our “standard” adventures
all designed to make you VERY dirty,
very tired &
maybe a little bit sore

Family Dude Ranch Vacation Adventure

Looks easy, eh?

Wrangler Nick is back (yee-haw!) & he is drawing and building not one challenge course, but three!

A Single Person Challenge Course

A Team Challenge Course
A Kid and Horse Obstacle Course


Dude Ranch Nick The Mudder

Mudder Nick!

Nick is a “graduate” of the “2012 Colorado Tough Mudder,” An obstacle course phenomenon with lots of, yes… you guessed it, mud! Twelve miles with 22 obstacles and an unbelievable amount of mud.Completely insane.

How many obstacles? Ohmygosh! Who knows?

He will start with as many as he can get set up this spring if it ever stops snowing!

Colortado Dude Ranch Vacation Crawl

The Crawl

(Who-hoo! We have water this year!) And then he will continue to add as he is inspired by this June’s Tough Mudder,

and then next year’s


and then the year after,



Colorado dude ranch bridge

Bridge can be easy and fun!

First, Nick is building a “Single Person Challenge” (death waiver required).

What’s going to be in it?

  • Pipe crawl
  • Walls to climb
  • Balance beam
  • Hand over hand (rope version)
  • The tire swing (Sounds easy? Ha! You aren’t paying attention!)

I’m requesting he add:

Colorado Guest Ranch Climb and Dance

Climb and Dance

  • An under/over Log Jam Crawl/Climb
  • Single log climb overs
  • Pull-up bars

So if you want to try a new dude ranch adventure,

it will be waiting for you right here at the Sundance Trail !

Are you getting excited?

Can you feel the burn?

Come see us!

Do you have any favorite obstacles that you would like to see included in this course?

Let Nick know (970-224-1222 or ride@sundancetrail.com)! But Dan says: “No ice water baths, no electric shocks, no mud (well… maybe a little mud…)!

Dude Ranch Tough Mudder

Climb Over, Crawl Under

Next week I’ll tell you more about his Team Challenge Course and his Challenge Course for the kids to work their horses in.

Note: none of the pictures here are from our property. Nick can’t build in the snow! But these photos give a pretty good idea of what some of the challenges might look like.[A huge special thanks to Tough Mudder for letting me use some of their photos! And for inspiring us…]

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