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People applying for a wrangler position are required to complete a Jobs Video.

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A Message to Millennials

Being a good dude ranch wrangler does not require you or your horse to be movie stars. We want to see how you communicate with and handle your horse, and how well you teach; not your acting skills or your horse’s acting skills.

The world is full of folks who can ride a horse – how well can you teach?

As you make your video, you may want a second person to read the outline to you.

Please have your cameraperson focus so we can see what you are doing, and be sure to be on the camera side of the horse when you are using your hands.

Relax and have fun with your video! Smiles gain lots of points with us!

Please demonstrate the following actions.
Each demonstration needs only to be long enough to show us your skill.
(Note for all of the steps below: If you cannot tape your explanation because of corral noise or camera difficulties, then add this explanation to the list of topics below.)

* Catch loose horse in corral.
* Groom (quickly), saddle (quickly) and tack horse, with close-up of bridling. Teach us what you are doing.
* Pick up front foot & pick. Teach us what you are doing.
* Pick up rear foot & pick. Teach us what you are doing.
* Mount and explain what you are doing.
* Walk, trot, lope your horse away from camera (Remember, we are hiring for skill and safety — not flash.)
* Turn toward camera, repeat, and stop in front of camera. (Do NOT run over your cameraperson!)
* Turn horse 360 degrees. Explain what you are doing. (Either pivot or turn.)(Note: If you cannot tape your explanation because of corral noise or camera difficulties, then add this explanation to the list of topics below.)
* Dismount horse, and explain what you are doing. (Note: If you cannot tape your explanation because of corral noise or camera difficulties, then add this explanation to the list of topics below.)

Facing camera, please explain/teach the following (have your helper ask you these questions aloud.) Relax ! These are not trick questions!

* How much and what kinds of feed do you give a 1,000 pound horse when he doing light work, heavy work, and on his day off? Think in terms of managing a string or small herd of horses. (Hint: there are many ways to answer this questions correctly, but if you measure in flakes and coffee cans, then you cannot manage a herd.)
* How much water?
* What do you enjoy most about working with horses?
* What do you enjoy least about working with horses? (Manure does NOT count!)
* Tell us about any teaching or coaching experience you have.
* What are your life goals?
* Tell us a joke (clean). This is a trick question. So we lied… We DO expect a joke. We expect our staff to entertain our guests, which includes telling lots of jokes and stories. If you do not tell jokes, then you should not apply here.

Four final notes:

* #1 No one is ever happy with their video — do NOT try to make the perfect video — you will go crazy trying! Relax!
* #2 Read line #1 above again!
* #3 Parents, siblings, roommates, friends, please make the applicant read line #1 above again! (And repeat as often as necessary to prevent the applicant from driving everyone crazy!)
* #4 Don’t forget to put your name on the video!

A technical note:
#1. Recently wranglers have sent us their videos by email as collections of .wmv files or have uploaded their videos to Youtube. This has been very successful – it saves postage!


What Makes Us Different?

Size – We are a Small Dude Ranch
No name tags. No crowds. No lines.

Relaxed & Flexible
Take off your watch. You won’t need it. We keep riding groups small so we are able to be very flexible in our riding program and activities.

Adventure Vacation
In addition to horseback riding we offer Rafting, Rock Climbing, Shooting, Hiking, Mountain Biking and much more!

We Love to Teach
We believe that riding should be fun, should be safe, and that learning never ends.

Not a Nose-to-Tail Program
Our wranglers will never tell you to “get in line.” We don’t believe in lines!

Concern for Your Safety
We follow the standards of the American Association of Horsemanship Safety,and our wranglers are Safety Certified by the Dude Ranchers Association.

Concern for the Environment
We live the “No Trace” Ethic, which means that we do our best to leave a very small foot-print in our National Forest.

Pet Friendly
We are the only pet friendly dude ranch that we know! Your dog, if he/she is well mannered around children and other animals, is welcome!

Family Orientation
We enjoy sharing our lifestyle with people, especially families. We enjoy helping families play together.

Come Visit Us
This is our home, we live here and we’re open year-round.
You are very welcome to come visit us just give us a call!

More About What Makes Us Different!