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Family vacation dude ranch holiday

Family vacation dude ranch holiday

Below you can read some of the comments and memories from some of the folks that have stayed with us over the years.

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Online Guest Book

This is our online guest book – much like the one in the parlor.

We would love it if you would add a Family Dude Ranch Vacation or Bed and Breakfast memory or two to this guest book. What do you remember about your Summer Dude Ranch or Bed and Breakfast stay with us? What is your best memory? Tell us your best experiences and memories from your family dude ranch vacation!

Some Memories From Other Guests…

I loved how encouraging and accommodating the staff was during our bed and breakfast stay.

They were supportive in teaching us during whatever activities we wanted to try, and were so flexible.

The food was amazing, and by the end of our stay we were jumping up and running at the sound of the dinner bell!

Thanks so much for a relaxing, yet adventurous vacation.Carrie DeBoo

We have traveled to many places, near and far. Our family has rafted many rivers for 7 days and camped along the shores for those 7 days. we have snorkled in Honduras and sea kayaked in Mexico. We have hiked at the Grand Canyon and crabbed in Maryland. We have skied , snowboarded, played with monkeys and hiked Mayan Ruins. All of these adventures have been amazing family experiences.

Our FAVORITE family vacation, which we have experienced 4 times already and will return to again this month, is the week we spend with you all at the Sundance Trail Ranch.

Our first time to the ranch was a Thanksgiving weekend. We fell in love with you both, your staff, your resident dogs and cats and goats and horses.

Our kids love their freedom and the black powder shooting. They love the hot chocolate and hot apple cider.

They played marbles in the sand with new friends. They laugh a lot with your kid wranglers and they like the baby kittens hiding under the porches.

Brian and I feel so relaxed for 6 days. We totally enjoy NOT cooking, NOT cleaning or planning or having to think about our day or our kiddos.

The rafting and the relaxing and the reading and meeting new friends is a very pleasurable way to spend our week. The hikes and mountain biking keep us feeling fit and make up for all of the good eatin’ we do.

This will be our 4th summer vacation with you all, and we can’t wait to be with you.

Thanks for providing a safe haven for our kids and a family vacation that we all look forward to year after year.Stacey,Brian, Madison and Sidney

Now that we have been home for 4 days we have been able to settle down and take stock of all we did and all we saw.

The gang; Wranglers, cooks, management, visitors, four legged individuals including a couple of goats, were part of the party that took up 6 days of enjoyment.

Riding, hiking, walking,[ shooting, guns, and arrows] and eating filled our days and made our stay a very pleasurable one.

Thanks to you two and your staff we were treated with kid gloves and lots of hugs and we will never forget Sundance.

Thanks again and best of times for both of you.

Give our best regards to all the staff and management.Bud and Sherry Beattie

My family and I had the most wonderful time at the ranch. Our family reunion was one that I will never forget.

Your staff is so nice and caring. I have not one complaint about our stay with you.

Say hello to everyone there from Robin,Dan and ofcourse Trevor Curts.

One more thing could you have Drew give Tiny a nose nugde from me.

Thank you once again

Our family reunion was the best trip that I can remember having.

It is the first time that I have come home from vacation feeling refreshed and relaxed.

All the memories that I have our wonderful. From our hike up Boy scout the first night. To being a little scared of of Tiny the second day. Loving Tiny by the last day.

Marsh-mellows on the last night.

You have a wonderful staff. We very much enjoyed our week stay with you.

Thank you once again.

Tell the staff and Tiny that I say Hello.

Thank you againDan, Robin and Trevor Curts

I was fortunate enough to have the privilege to work under Dan and Ellen for two wonderful summers. I have so many found memories of the ranch and the guests, who became family to me. Dan and Ellen really pick staff members that a blend together to become one big family and that is what my summers there felt like.

Every once in a while I catch myself day dreaming in my office about my two summers there. I love remembering Thursday nights when Willy would come and play his guitar or Friday nights when poems were read and jokes told; my favorite part was sharing memories of the past week. Friday nights were kind of bitter sweet because I new this wonderful group of people, who became a part of my family, would be leaving the next morning.

I was lucky because I worked for Dan and Ellen for two summers so I was able to see returning families come back again. Dan and Ellen really make the ranch a magical place to visit but also to work at.

I now have a family of my own and a full time job and I can’t wait until my children are old enough to enjoy the ranch because my family will participate in a week long vacation with Dan and Ellen and the wonderful/privileged staff they have working with them.Rifka Cooper

So, my husband and I had our anniversary coming up at the beginning of this past April. As with most other people, we really didn’t have a lot of money to spend on going on a big trip like we like to do. He is usually the one to make trip arrangements, and it’s often a surprise to me where we’re going. This year, I was told we were going to a dude ranch.

At the moment of his telling me this news, I don’t think that I would have wanted to be on the receiving end of my dirty look. I can give some nasty ones without thinking about it. I had thought about this look and knew just the one I wanted to give, and I did: eyebrows raised and eyes squinted, half of my mouth turned up unnaturally at the corner. I think I hurt my husband’s feelings.

I’m allergic to horses. When I carry hay, I get hives. I’m a whimp. On top of all that, I don’t do well with being dirty. I live in Colorado, and I don’t like dirt. I’m from Texas, and I don’t like dirt. I grew up around horses off and on, and they still make me sneeze. I can ride alright, but it’s not my favorite pastime.

So off we headed to the Sundance Trail Guest Ranch in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado, not too far from Fort Collins, and about a two hour drive from Denver International Airport. We were the only guests there at the ranch in the beginning of April, so we had the place to ourselves. Once I walked into our room, which was more like a massive suite with a fireplace and rocking chairs and a beautiful view, I knew I was going to be alright. The summer activities hadn’t started just yet, and the atmosphere was pretty relaxed.

We played pool in the recreation barn, where there’s lots of movies, games, couches, and foosball to keep anyone entertained, drank tea out on the sprawling deck in front of the main house, and sat in the hot tub with snow around us on the ground. The owners were very accommodating of our somewhat restricted diet, and I even got a birthday cake with strawberries on top like I wanted, and the staff made us anniversary cake made, too! The wranglers were very laid back, and we all ate delicious meals together for a couple of days. I’m an incredibly picky eater (surprise, surprise), and I never once went hungry. In fact, I ate way too much.

Sundance Trail Guest Ranch only accepts a maximum of 24 people, so the family atmosphere we experienced is the norm all year long. Guests can bring their dogs with them, and also their own horses to ride on the beautiful mountain trails near the national forest. I never really knew I was on a trail while we were riding as we were back off in the mountains pretty far. The wranglers really know their way around, and the wrangler’s dog that accompanied us on every ride had the best time traipsing along beside us and exploring the forest every once in a while.

During the spring, fall, and winter, the guest ranch turns into a bed and breakfast, and there are even murder mystery weekends to enjoy. In the summer, activities range from campfire songs, to professional rock climbing courses, white water rafting, fishing, target shooting, and hiking, with lots of other engaging options in between.

On my anniversary, I got dirty, sneezed a little on my horse, and I had the greatest two days I’ve had in a long time at the Sundance Trail Guest Ranch. The price for everything was incredibly reasonable, and I can’t wait to go back!Leyla Norman

My wife and I just spent our 3rd week at Sundance Trail. We’ve been to the ranch 3 different summer vacations.

We enjoyed riding the horses, mingling with the wranglers, and meeting others from around the world.

Dan, Ellen, and their help are wonderful people that enjoy helping the guests make their visit special.

We are already looking forward to going back for a 4th visit. It is the most relaxing vacation anybody could ever have, and we know we won’t be disappointed.Tony and Ellen Sletten

Hi Dan, Ellen and wranglers,

Sorry we missed you to say see you later out on the dusty, windy trail Dan, Nanci and I watched your All about horses instructional video.

Sorry to say Dan, but you were upstaged by some of your horses!
Learned a lot – good job.

We enjoyed our stay – good conversation, life stories and a good
dinner (Nanci and I both like the dinner AND the brussel sprouts.

Thanks for hosting us. We had a great time. Thanks to the wranglers
too.Paul and Nanci

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