Dude Ranch Staff Horse Bios

dude ranch horses faces. dude ranch horse legs
Top Row, L-R: Blaze, Stripe, Stripe (or thin blaze) and snip, Irregular blaze, Interrupted stripe, bald face.Bottom row, L-R: Faint star, Star, Star and strip, irregular star, snip, lip marking Leg markings. Top row, L-R: Stocking, Sock or Boot, Fetlock or Sock.Bottom row, L-R: Pastern, Coronet, Partial Pastern

Dude Ranch Horse: Apache

Name: Apache

Color & Markings: Liver sorrel gelding with brown spot on L butt, solid face

Horse Age: 1988

Horse Size: Small

Rider Size: Small/Medium (not counting Dan)

Rider Skill: Wrangler/Advanced only.

Bit: Low port

Watch for: Fast & headstrong. Loves to run. Loves to lead – hates to follow. Watch nutrition/weight!

Comments: Dan’s horse.
2011 Apache has started showing his age this year – Dan will probably NOT ride him, as Dan is getting very fat.

4/22/12  Apache has sand colic. We are feeding him enormous amounts of horse psylium AND metamucil (orange flavored – yummy) twice daily, and he is pooping sand – yipee! But he is also loosing weight and looks terrible. If we can get him through this crisis, he may be retired. Starting tonight we will be graining/psyllium every day, and  putting him out on pasture with the two Arabs every night.

5/1/12  Apache is officially retired. Still pooping some sand with enormous amounts of psylium. Not yet shedding out at all, which makes us think of Cushings.

5/20 – The crisis is over. Ol’ Apache is now fat and happy again. And shedding out like normal.

Last summer (2011) we were not as diligent about ALL horses getting psylium the first five days of each month. This year we will be back to being VERY diligent that this gets done properly!

6/4 – Apache is asking to work – fat and sassy. So maybe we should change his status to “semi-retired.

6/14 Apache is starting to show his age – special feeder and lighter skilled riders.

Dude Ranch Horse: Cimarron Dude Ranch Horse: Cimmaron & Montee

Cimmaron on the left, with her little brother Montee on the right.

Name: Cimmarron

Color & Markings: Dark Bay, strip. Note R rear sock.

Horse Age: 2004

Horse Size: Clydesdale- QH cross Big girl!

Rider Size: Big

Rider Skill: Beginner or Intermediate – still occasionally spooks (minor) on the trail if away from other horses.

Bit: draft (6″ wide) tom thumb with short shanks

Watch for: VERY buddy sour – calm when in the middle of the group, anxious when alone. Will walk as fast or slowly as asked.

Comments: Can be a bully in the corral with other mares.

Dude Ranch Horse: Deb Dude Ranch Horse: Miss Debbie

Name: Debbie

Color & Markings: Sorrel, star, solid feet, QH mare

Horse Age: 2000

Horse Size: medium/large QH

Rider Size: Medium – large (<230#)

Rider Skill: Beginner & Kids

Bit: Tom Thumb

Watch for: Can drop weight quickly. Slow to medium walker – leads well.

Comments: Sweet as sugar, but can have an attitude. very low in pecking order, but defends herself well.

Dude Ranch Horse: Fancy Flame Dude Ranch Horse: Fancy

Name: Fancy

Color & Markings: Sorrel QH, fancy flame-like strip

Horse Age: 1991

Horse Size: Medium

Rider Size: Small to medium adults, kids

Rider Skill: Kids and beginners

Bit: Tom thumb

Comments: This is another horse that will benefit from lots of work this spring – but watch weight.

Flip joined the dude ranch in April

Ugly, ugly but sweet little kids dude ranch horse

Name: Flip

Color & Markings:  Extremely ugly but loveable little guy. Bay roan Appy/POA gelding

Little dude ranch horse

Flip – the little dude ranch horse

Horse Age: Born 1993

Horse Size: 13H2″

Rider Size: Small

Rider Skill: Kids

Bit:  Tom Thumb

Watch for: weight

Comments: We have not worked this guy at all as we wanted to get some more weight on him, and we are all too tall (and fat).  We will know more after some of our “little staff” work with him. Very sweet guy on the ground.

Long term lease 3/12

Dude Ranch Horse: Foxy

Name: Foxy

Color & Markings: Chestnut mare, rear socks Looks a bit like Skip with BH stockings (but has different plumbing).

Horse Age: 1996

Horse Size: Medium

Rider Size: Medium

Rider Skill: Intermediate

Bit: Tom Thumb

Watch for: Can be a bitch. A real Nancy Pelosi – will test and bite/kick other horses in her climb to the top. keep in front or back (first or last) till she calms down with work. Slow to medium walker – will not fall too far behind – she’ll trot to catch up on her own.

Comments: Spoiled brat! Very willing, and although a bit hesitant about all of the dragons and misc. monsters on the trail, she never argues or acts out in any way. Except in early spring.


5/20 I will get new picts up soon. This guy is now a 5+ Yipee! He is going into the “mail” corral with the other boys and girls.

5/31. Dropping a bit of weight again, down to a 5. Back out to the pasture and will have teeth checked next week.

6/3 Little boys teeth were predictably a mess, but cleaned up nicely. He is gaining back his “butterball look” but he and Soda Pop will live in the Special Feeder corral with Grandpa and the other geezers for a while.

Dude Ranch Horse: No SoxName: Gauge

Color & Markings: Blaze, no socks, left eye 1/2 blue. Gelding

Horse Age: 1994

Horse Size: Medium large

Rider Size: Medium to large

Rider Skill: Beginner & big (or fat) kids

Bit: O ring snaffle

Watch for: Can be fast. Likes to be in the front. Not good at end of the line!

Comments: Gentle giant

Purchased 3/08.


Name: Grandpa

dude ranch grandpa 1


Color & markings: Gray

Age: 1990

Horse Size: Large

Rider size:

Rider Skills: Little kids

dude ranch moustache

6/4/12 Mr. Mustache!

Bit: O Ring (broken snaffle)

Watch For: Weight

grandpa 3


Comments: Grandpa is showing his age – is a fantastic children’s horse. Getting very, very old.







ranch vacation horse Guss

Guss — an old dude ranch horse?

Name: Guss

Color & Markings:    QH sorrel geld,  Scar R shoulder, “MJ” Freeze brand R hip, Star/strip/snip, LH partial coronet

Guss will be a great ranch vacation horseback riding horse

Guss and Soda Pop

Horse Age: Born 2004

Horse Size: Large QH

Rider Size: large

Rider Skill: Beginner

Bit: tom thumb

Watch for: When he arrived his feet looked awful! Matt the farrier is doing his magic.

Comments:We’ve only ridden him a couple of times. So far he is complete push-button, glide-ride babysitter. He leads, he follows.

Purchased 4/12




6/4/12 Dude Ranch Jack

6/4/12 Dude Ranch Jack

Name: Jack

Color & Markings:

Horse Age: Born 1993

Horse Size: Large QH

6/4/12 jack dude ranch horse

6/4/12 Jack

Rider Size: large

Rider Skill: Adult all around

Bit: Tom Thumb

Watch for: Cinchy, go too fast and he will bite you. Jack is not a terribly affectionate horse – “love” on him and hug/kiss him will get you bitten. But he is a hard worker who never argues.

Comments: Cross-fires when loping.


Dude Ranch Horse: Montee 1 Dude Ranch Horse: Montee 2 Dude Ranch Horse: Montee 3

Big sister Cimmaron has the blaze, and little brother Montee has the star/snip.

Name: Montee

Color & Markings: dark Bay, star & snip, rear socks and BIG feathers

Horse Age: 2005

Horse Size: Clydesdale/QH

Rider Size: large

Rider Skill: Intermediate until he gets more experience

Bit: O ring snaffle

Watch for: Loves to work – young and energetic! Mouthy. Gets very excited when moving out of walk to trot!!! Hard to calm him back down… getting better with experience. can’t walk straight! has to see and smell everything! Immature, really good guy.



Dude Ranch Horse: Oreo

Name: Oreo

Color & Markings: Bay, short, big belly (Paso/QH cross)

Horse Age: 1991

Horse Size: Small

Rider Size: Small to itty bitty tiny

Rider Skill: Kids or small adults

Bit: Tom Thumb

Watch for: Old on-side cinch sore behind elbow. Watch carefully EVERY time you cinch him. Neoprene cinch only. If skin breaks down, Oreo is to go to horsepital until *fully* healed. Teach guest assigned how to check spot when cinching. (When we brought oreo home, that ulcer went all the way through the fat and muscle – you could see his ribs – the vet spent almost 2 months getting it healed.)

Comments: Can have speed. Can drop weight . very sweet little guy.

Please do NOT put any ointments, salves or gunk on this scar – tell Dan if it gets red or angry looking.

Dude Ranch Horse: Pepper

Name: Pepper

Color & Markings: Gray mare

Horse Age:1987

Horse Size: Medium Actually she is pretty big, but has had sensitive withers.

Rider Size: Smaller & kids

Rider Skill: beginner, older kid

Bit: Tom Thumb

Watch for: Saddle fit — had abcess in withers a few years ago — took almost 7 months to heal!

Comments: Willful — likes to eat grass on trail.

Sweet, mellow & responsive. Pepper is a favorite of many guests and staff – she is becoming an old lady and we need to give her sufficient rest breaks. Staff NOT to ride her – save her for guests.

Note this is an old picture, and Pepper is becoming an old horse – children preferred

Note: What is wrong with this picture??? (Hint: high and short)


Dude Ranch Horse: RustyName: Rusty

Color & Markings: Sorrel Grade with Mustang blood

Horse Age: 2004

Horse Size: Small/medium

Rider Size: Small/medium

Rider Skill: Wrangler & advanced riders (may be ready for intermediate rider – we’ll see)

Bit: Full cheek

Watch for: Very intelligent – he likes to open gates, untie knots, etc.

Comments: Rescue – very wild when he arrived. Dan started leading on him in 2010.

2012 – Now any smaller wrangler can lead with him – he’s turned into a cutie.

Dude Ranch Horse: Skip 1 Dude ranch Horse: Skip 2

Name: Skip

Color & Markings: Sorrel

Horse Age: 1995

Horse Size: Larger QH

Rider Size: Moderately larger

Rider Skill:Any – will take good care of beginners, but delightfully responsive with advanced riders as well.

Bit: tom thumb

Watch for:

Comments: Good ol’ boy. Eager to please. Fast walker, but easily controlled.



Name: Smoke

Color & markings: Old gray gelding

Age: 1982

Horse Size: Medium

dude ranch horses grandpa and smoke hanging out

6/4/12 Grandpa and Smoke (The geezers…)

Rider Size: Medium

Rider Skill: Wrangler only

Bit: Tom Thumb

Watch for: Watch weight

Comments: This horse belongs to our neighbor Pastor Frank.


Family adventure vacation colorado dude ranch sunny blue eyes1

6/5/12 Sunny Blue Eyes

Name: Sunny Blue Eyes

Age: 2004

Horse Size: Medium

Rider Size: Medium

family adventure vacation colorado dude ranch sunny blue eyes

6/5/12 – Sunny Blue Eyes

Rider Skill: Was adult all around. Now wrangler only until we work out some “issues”

Bit: Tom Thumb

Watch for:


Name: StevieAge: 2000

Horse Size:

Rider Size:

Rider Skill: Adult all around

Bit: Tom Thumb

Watch for:

Comments: Finished last season with a lot of tripping. Matt he farrier to examine.

May 15 2012 – Matt has put Stevie in special shoes to fix her heels- see barn book for details.

Dude Ranch Horse: Trigger

Name: Trigger

Color & Markings: Bay, brand on on-side shoulder

Horse Age: 1985

Horse Size: Tall & skinny

Rider Size: Medium

Rider Skill: Advanced beginner or intermediate who is not afraid of speed.

Bit: Low port

Watch for: Very competitive. Fast. Good brakes. Will test the timid. Loves to race.

Comments: This animal has speed and has taken off with his rider!.

whisper family adventure vacation colorado dude ranch

6/5/12 Whisper

Name: Whisper

Color & Markings: Bay paint mare. White mane. Star/strip/snip, RF & LH stockings, RH pastern

Horse Age: Born 1997

family adventure vacation colorado dude ranch

Whisper has a white mane

Horse Size: 15H

Rider Size: Medium

Rider Skill: Intermediate

Bit: Padded hack

Watch for: Cinch carefully. Does NOT like to cross water

Comments: Long term lease.

Official Dude Ranch Donkey: Calamity JaneName: Calamity Jane

Color & Markings: BLM Wild burro (Arizona desert herd)

Horse Age: 1999

Size: Tiny

Rider Size: Itty bitty kids – note: staff (NOT parents) to hold lead rope while children in saddle. Do NOT trust parents to lead!!!!

Rider Skill: N/A

Bit: None. halter led only.

Watch for: Overfeeding! Wild burros die of founder and heart attacks – absolutely NO snacks!.

Comments: Ellen adopted Calamity Jane a couple of years ago, and is in the process of gentling her. If she continues to progress at her current rate of gentling,

she will be ready for children’s riding sometime in 2055 (maybe…).

Foundered in Jan 2009 – do NOT allow unrestricted feeding!

This animal has done nothing in three or four years. She needs training!

Dude Ranch Horse: Little Joe Donkey

Name: Little Joe

Color & Markings: Gray cross dunn with zebra stipes on legs and hugs roll of fat on neck!

Horse Age: 1996

Horse Size: Bigger than Calamity Jane and smaller than everybody else.

Rider Size: Itty bitty kids – note: staff (NOT parents) to hold lead rope while children in saddle. Do NOT trust parents to lead!!!!

Rider Skill:

Bit: None. halter led only.

Watch for: Overfeeding! Wild burros die of founder and heart attacks – absolutely NO snacks!.

Comments: Calm and sweet. Never argues.

Has done nothing in 3 or 4 years. We need to train him!


Color & Markings:

Horse Age: Born

Horse Size:

Rider Size:

Rider Skill:


Watch for:


Quick Guide (5/1/12) :
Name Birth Year Gender Breed/Type Color Face/Mane Feet Other
Apache 1988 G QH BrownDark brown patch on butt Litle snip Retired
Wrangler Only
Watch Weight
Cimarron 2004 M QH/Clydesdale Dark Bay Strip, blaze RR sock (Cimarron is right) Big girl
Debbie 2000 M QH Sorrel Small star none Anti-fungal to back daily
Fancy 1991 G QH Sorrel Irregular strip (flame) No socks
Flip 1993 G POA Roan Appy
Foxy 1991 M QH Sorrel Blaze RF coronette, rear stockings
Gauge 1994 G QH Sorrel Blaze, L eye half blue. Mark on nose. None Stocky
Grandpa 1990? Maybe 1980 G Draft/QH Gray Old! Watch weight
Guss 2004 G QH Sorrel Star/Strip/Snip LH partial coronet Nasty scar L shoulder “MJ:” brand R hip
Jack 1993 G QH Brown
Montee 2005 G QH/Clydesdale Dark Bay Star & Snip Rear socks, BIGfeathers! cimarron’s little brother – Big boy!
Oreo 1991 G QH/Passo Bay Cresent moon star, snip None Old cinch sore under left buckle – examine carefullly EVERY ride! Pad and dress as needed. Special cinch!
Pepper 1987 M QH Gray Slender face Showing age – watch weight
Rusty 2004 G QH/Mustang Sorrel Strip Little guy
Skip 1995 G Big QH Sorrel Large Star & Broad strip Rear stockings
Smoke 1982 G QH Gray Bulky, stout, “D” on L shoulder
Sunny Blue Eyes M QH Sorrel Blue eyes!
Stevie 1997 M QH Sorrel Long luxorious mane across face
Trigger 20+ G QH/TB Bay RR sock (only marking) Brand on L shoulder
Whisper 1997 M Bay Paint White mane Star/Strip/Snip RF & LH stockings RH pastern
Calamity Jane 1999 Jenny Donkey Gray Lighter, smaller, a bit less fat
Little Joe 1993 Jack Donkey Gray Darker, bigger, a bit more fat!
Another Quick Guide: (Updated 5/1/12)
Kid Horses Beginner Intermediate Advanced Wrangler Only Other
Jack Rusty Apache
Deb Cimarron Montee Smoke
Comanche Sunny Blue Eyes
Grandpa Debbie Donkeys
Oreo Foxy
Pepper Trigger

Size Guide: Determine weight and skill together – a heavy athlete with good balance weighs less than a moderate sized couch potato! If you are “loading up” a horse, CHECK SADDLE FIT FREQUENTLY! and LISTEN TO THE HORSE!!! (Updated 5/1/12)
Tiny Small Medium Large XL XXL
Deb Gauge Cimmeron
Flip Jack Guss Montee
Grandpa Foxy Skip Skip
Rose Oreo Stevie
Pepper Sunny Blue Eye Smoke
Fancy Trigger
Rusty Trigger


Color markings:


Horse Size:

Rider size:

Rider Skills:


Watch For: