Dude Ranch Staff Horse Bios

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Top Row, L-R: Blaze, Stripe, Stripe (or thin blaze) and snip, Irregular blaze, Interrupted stripe, bald face.Bottom row, L-R: Faint star, Star, Star and strip, irregular star, snip, lip marking Leg markings. Top row, L-R: Stocking, Sock or Boot, Fetlock or Sock.Bottom row, L-R: Pastern, Coronet, Partial Pastern


Name: Aspen

Color & Markings: Bay, Roman noseDSCF8175

Horse Age: 3

Horse Size: small(pony -quarter cross)

Rider Size: Small/Medium

Rider Skill: Unstarted

Bit: snaffle

Watch For:  Can be very nippy. Please do not hand-feed; treats are OK, but should be put in bag or bowl or on the ground. Fidgety while tied for grooming, etc. Whenever possible, tie with other horses to get her used to standing politely. If she displays bad manners, correct her by making her trot a few circles around you, then retie her and praise her for standing quietly. (She loves to be scratched behind her jaw.)

Comments: Aspen is learning ground manners: halter leading (inc. backing, turning, and stopping just behind her leader); giving space when asked; basic round-penning (go, halt and face the inside, changing direction with an inside turn, following closely); yielding to pressure (stepping over with two feet with pressure on her shoulder, barrel, and hip); lowering her head with pressure at her poll with and without a halter; opening her mouth and accepting a rope; lifting and holding up hooves (as of March 2015, should be shod in the round pen, not while tied.) only handled under instruction.


DSC09644-BonniieName: Bonnie

Color & Markings: Palomino with blaze (Honey does NOT have blaze)) Little Joe is Creamello and has socks

Horse Age: 

Horse Size:medium

Rider Size: no rider

DSC09642Rider Skill: 

Bit: OO-riing?

Watch for: hard to catch

Comments: going back to the vet.


Name: Bogo

Color and Markings: black and white paint. Short ear

Horse Age: 3

Horse Size: Medium

Rider Size: Smaal-Medium

Rider Skill: In training ( only handled under instruction.)

Bit: O-ring broken dog bone snaffle

Watch for: buddy sour with Boone

Comments: Green horse (handle with care under instruction only)

****************************************************************Horses Name: Boone

Horse Age: 3

Horse size: Medium

Rider size: small-Medium

Rider Skill: In training

Bit: O ring Snaffle

Watch for: buddy sour, Head aggressive when lounging on the right side

Comments: Handle only under instruction.


Name:  Buddy

Color & Markings: Chestnut, reverse L star and thin blaze, R front boot, black spot on L butt

Horse Age: 19

Horse Size: Large

Rider Size: Small-medium

Rider Skill: Beginner/kids

Bit: O-ring snaffle

Watch For:  Rubbing off on trees, watch weight,snow rolling

Comments: Do Not Tie To Fence!!


Name: Candy

Color & Markings: Fleabitten Gray mare

Horse Age: OldCandy2

Horse Size: Medium

Rider Size: Small

Rider Skill:Kids pony only

Bit: Hackmore  

Watch For: Doesn’t like other horses. Arthritis,  Broken tooth root on L  (watch for swelling)

Comments: does not move for tractor


Name: Chico

Horse Age: 3

Horse color: Palomino Silver main and tai

Horse Size: Medium

Rider Size: small-medium

Rider Skill: Tanner or Kaitlyn

Watch for: Extremely green horse! Do not handle without instruction.

Comments: TBD


Dude Ranch Horse: Cimarron

Name: Cimmarron

Color & Markings: Dark Bay, strip. Note R rear sock.

Horse Age: 12

Horse Size: Draft/QH cross

Rider Size: XL

Rider Skill: Beginner or Intermediate – still occasionally spooks (minor) on the trail if away from other horses, or if being attacked by rain gear or whatever.Dude Ranch Horse: Cimmaron & Montee

Bit: Draft (6″ wide) tom thumb with short shanks

Watch For: Princess! VERY buddy sour – calm when in the middle of the group, anxious when alone. Will walk as fast or slowly as asked. Eats and scratches on trees while on the trail, also loves pond and will walk rider in with her! Be very cautious when tacking up, she spooks easily

Comments: Do not tie to arena fence! Wrap lead around post loosely. Smooth trot. In the photo above, Cimmarron is on the left with her little brother Montee on the right.


Name: Danny Boy


Color & Markings: Over paint (belly), Bald, BR socks

Horse Age: 11

Horse Size: Medium

Rider Size: small-medium

1DannyBoy2Rider Skill: Intermediate

Bit: Padded Hack

Watch For: Saddle soar on L side of withers and back R rear

Comments: can have a sour temperament 


Dude Ranch Horse: Deb   Dude Ranch Horse: Miss Debbie  

Name: Debbie

Color & Markings: Sorrel, faint star, solid feet, QH mare

Horse Age: 16

Horse Size: Medium/Large QH

Rider Size: Small

Rider Skill: Beginner & Kids

Bit: Tom Thumb

Watch For: Can drop weight quickly, soft footed( do not ride without shoes)

Comments: good kid horse, slow to medium walker – leads well.


Name: Diamond1Diamond

Color & Markings: Sorrel Diamond shaped star

Horse Age: 9

Horse Size: Medium

Rider Size: small-Medium

Rider Skill: Adult all-around

Bit: broken dog bone tomb thumb 

Watch For: Likes to move – doesn’t stand well. Heard bound 

Comments: Bouncy trot, obedient under saddle. Class A Mare! 


Dude Ranch Horse: Fancy Flame Dude Ranch Horse: Fancy

Name: Fancy Flame

Color & Markings: Sorrel QH, ‘fancy flame’ strip

Horse Age: 1991

Horse Size: Medium

Rider Size: 

Rider Skill: 

Bit: Tom thumb

Watch For: Food aggressive, bad ground manners (not lovey horse)

Comments: Do not use 


Dude Ranch Horse: Foxy Name: Foxy

Color & Markings: Chestnut mare, rear socks and front R sock. Looks a bit like Skip with BH stockings (but has different plumbing).

Horse Age: 20

Horse Size: Medium

Rider Size: Medium

Rider Skill: Beginner 

Bit: Tom Thumb

Watch For: Can be mareish. Will test and bite/kick other horses in her climb to the top. Keep in front or back (first or last) till she calms down with work. Slow to medium walker – will not fall too far behind – she’ll trot to catch up on her own.

Comments: Very willing, never argues or acts out in any way. Except in early spring.


Name: Gandolf

Color & Markings: Gray Geld

Horse Age: Born

Horse Size:Large

Rider Size:medium-Large

                                                                                   Rider Skill: Intermediate 
DSC09608Bit: Low Port

Watch for:Still Slightly Spooky, half ass spirited 

Comments:good stop, good go, big attitude.


Dude Ranch Horse: No SoxName: Gauge

Color & Markings: Blaze with a spot, no socks, left eye 1/2 blue. Gelding

Horse Age: 22

Horse Size: Medium/Large

Rider Size: Medium/Large

Rider Skill: Beginner and good for big kids

Bit: O ring snaffle

Watch For: Can be fast. Likes to be in the front or last. Not good in the middle of the string – will kick back at horse behind him.

Comments: Gentle giant. soft hooves – can cause lameness 


Name: GeneGene2

Color & Markings: Sorrel, back socks, sun-like branding on L rear, and faint star

Horse Age: 7

Horse Size: Medium/Large

Rider Size: Large

Rider Skill: Wrangler only

Bit: O ring broken dog bone snaffle Gene1

Watch For: Still very green. Sometimes anxious on the trail. Can be VERY fast! Can be very hard to catch.

Comments: Do NOT leave lead rope attached to halter when riding – he will toss his head and play with the rope and ignore you.Has two speeds; standing and running. Work on controlled gaits and walking randomly. Handle under instruction 


Name: Grandpa

Color & Markings: Gray gelding, look for mustache

Age: 40

Horse Size: Large

Rider size: Small

Rider Skills: Kids-walk lead only 

Watch For: Weight – hard keeper special feeder, cannot properly chew hay.

Comments: Grandpa is showing his age – is a fantastic children’s horse, loves to be groomed, painted and bathed. Walk-lead only!


Name: GuinevereGuenevere

Color & Markings: Gruello

Horse Age: 6

Horse Size: XL

Rider Size: small-XL

Rider Skill:Caleb  

Bit: Wide port o ring snaffle 

Watch For: Just started in summer of 2014, learning to maintain a trot and lope.

Comments: Slow, pokey, but smooth gaits; needs patience and positive reinforcement. Very willing to learn but gets frustrated when forced or negatively corrected. Loves to be petted!


Name: Guss

Color & Markings: QH sorrel geld,  scar R shoulder, “MJ” brand R hip, Star/strip/snip, LH partial coronet, skin flap on center of forehead

Horse Age: 12

Horse Size: Large

Rider Size: small-Large

Rider Skill: Beginner


Bit: Tom thumb

Watch For: spooky around face 

Comments: Great horse for just about any dude

9/14 – Guss cut his L fore coronary band and has been slow to heal. He will be off until at least Thanksgiving.



NameDSC09604: Hoss

Color & Markings: Big Bay

Horse Age:

Horse Size: Large

Rider Size:Small-Large

Rider Skill:Wrangler only -ivanDSC09605

Bit: Hackamore 

Watch for: Fast, and headstrong , heard bound, bad gate manners 



DSC09614Name: Honey


Color & Markings: Palomino mare NO blaze

Horse Age: Born

Horse Size:

Rider Size:

Rider Skill:DSC09612

Bit: O Ring

Watch for:



Name: Jack

Color & Markings:Liver Chestnut 

Horse Age: Born 1993

Horse Size: Large QH

Rider Size: large

Rider Skill: Adult all around

Bit: Tom Thumb

Watch For: Cinchy, go too fast and he will bite you. Jack is not a terribly affectionate horse if you “love” on him and hug/kiss him will get you bitten. But he is a hard worker who never argues.

Comments: Cross-fires when loping.


DSC09617Name: Jake

Color & Markings: Solid bay, 4 black socks 

Horse Age: 

Horse Size:Medium

Rider Size:Small-Medium 

Rider Skill: Intermediate 

Bit:O ring Snaffle 

Watch for:Poor hooves DSC09618

Comments:2 week tune up 


1journeyName: Journey

Color & Markings: Paint. Snip (NOT strip), upper mane is brown, white chest

Horse Age:

Horse Size: Medium

Rider Size: small-medium 1journey2

Rider Skill: Kid/Beginner

Bit: padded trail hack 

Watch For: Loves to eat grass – may need nosebag

Comments: Barn sour, will walk all the way home alone if becomes untied, can untie slip knot. Can be ponied. 


Name: Little JoeLittleJOe5

Color & Markings: Cremello

Horse Age: 9

Horse Size: Medium

Rider Size: small- Large

Rider Skill: begginer-Intermediate

Littlejoe6Bit:Broken dog bone tom thumb 

Watch for: locks up well leading 

Comments: Popular in the herd, gets along with just about anyone. Level-headed



1luke1Name: Luke

Color & Markings: Irregular star, dark bay

Horse Age: N/A

Horse Size: Medium/Large1luke

Rider Size: small-Medium

Rider Skill: Intermediate

Bit: Tom Thumb

Watch for: Fast walker, likes to lead

Comments: Impressive with advanced rider, bouncy trot but smooth lope. out of service or bareback only. 


 Dude Ranch Horse: Montee 3

Name: Montee

Color & Markings: Dark bay, star & snip, rear socks and BIG feathers

Horse Age: 11

Horse Size: Clydesdale/QH XL

Rider Size: small/XL

Rider Skill: Beginner

Bit: padded Hack 

Watch For: Loves to work – young and energetic! Mouthy. Gets very excited when moving out of walk to trot!!! Hard to calm him back down… getting better with experience.

Comments: Cimmaron has a blaze and Montee has a star/snip. Has a fast trot, very tolerant. Good with trailering but needs his own half because of size. Snow roller


Name: Mouse

Color & Markings: grulla 

Horse Age: 6

Horse Size:Small

Rider Size:Small- Medium 

Rider Skill:Wrangler only -intermediate 

Bit: Broken Twisted jr. cowhorse 

Watch for: Spirited but head. 

Comments: thinks he can buck- use only under instruction 


Dude Ranch Horse: Oreo

Name: Oreo

Color & Markings: Bay, short, big belly (Paso/QH cross)

Horse Age: 1

Horse Size: Small

Rider Size: Tiny/Small

Rider Skill: Kids or very small adults

Bit: Tom Thumb

Watch For: Old on-side cinch sore behind elbow. Watch carefully EVERY time you cinch him. Neoprene cinch only. If skin breaks down, Oreo is to go to horsepital until *fully* healed. Teach guest assigned how to check spot when cinching. (When we brought oreo home, that ulcer went all the way through the fat and muscle – you could see his ribs – the vet spent almost 2 months getting it healed.)

Comments: Can have speed and can drop weight. Likes the pond, barn sour. Can be ponied!

Please do NOT put any ointments, salves or gunk on this scar – tell Dan if it gets red or angry looking.


Name: Peaches

Color & Markings: Sorrel, star, BF socks, Bar-cross-K, heart-shaped star

Horse Age: Born 1991

Horse Size: Medium

Rider Size: Medium

Rider Skill: Beginner or Kids

Bit: N/A

Watch for: Lameness in front – crooked knees and weight

Comments: Very sweet, special feeder (can drop weight quickly). Pepper and Peaches do not get along, Pepper will beat up Peaches.


Name: Red


Color & Markings: Sorrel, bald face, 4 socksRed3

Horse Age: Born 1986

Horse Size: Medium

Rider Size: Medium

Rider Skill: Kids horse (needs work)

Bit: N/A

Watch for: Headstrong, will race if trotted or loped next to another horse

Comments: This horse depends on a mush of soaked feeds as he cannot chew grass – watch weight carefully!



Name: Roonie

Color & Markings:Red Roan 

Horse Age: 11

Horse Size:Small

Rider Size:small-medium 

Rider Skill: intermediate 

Bit: padded hack DSC09616

Watch for: stomps hind feet when picked 



Dude Ranch Horse: Skip 1 Dude ranch Horse: Skip 2

Name: Skip

Color & Markings: Sorrel, broken blaze and snip, two rear socks

Horse Age: 21

Horse Size: Larger QH

Rider Size: small medium 

Rider Skill: beginner 

Bit: Tom Thumb

Watch For: Can be fast walker, but easily controlled

Comments: Eager to please, could be good for larger child


Name: Smoke

Color & markings: Old, gray gelding

Age: 1982

Horse Size: Medium

Rider Size: Medium

Rider Skill: Retired

Bit: Tom Thumb

Watch For: Weight, VERY hard keeper

Comments: This horse depends on a mush of soaked feeds as he cannot chew grass – watch weight carefully! Must be separated with Red at meal time. In the picture, Smoke is on the right and Grandpa is on the left.


Name: Sticks/Stix

Color & Markings: Two rear white socks, broken blaze, sorrel

Horse Age: Born 1991

Horse Size: Medium

Rider Size: Medium (<180lbs)

Rider Skill: Intermediate

Bit: N/A

Watch For: Weight, bad confirmation (knock-knees)

Comments: Very responsive to seat and legs, choppy gaits, big personal bubble with humans (don’t rush in or he will spook). Can untie slip knots and will get tangled if lead is tied too long and low


Name: Sunny Blue Eyes

Age: 12

Horse Size: Medium

Rider Size: Medium

Rider Skill: Confident, strong beginner

Bit: Tom Thumb

Watch for: Barn sour and head strong

Comments: Will throw her head repeatedly if you get too handsy.



****************************************************************Name: Stevie

Age: 2000

Horse Size: Medium/Large

Rider Size: Large

Rider Skill: Beginner Adult

Bit: Tom Thumb

Watch For: Good for first ride, but may be too tired for second ride, especially with two in one day

Comments: Gaited with an extremely smooth jog, first choice for folks with bad backs.


Dude Ranch Horse: Trigger

Name: Trigger

Color & Markings: Bay, brand on on-side shoulder

Horse Age: 35

Horse Size: Tall & skinny

Rider Size: small

Rider Skill:kid 

Bit: Low port

Watch For: Hard keeper – watch weight closely.

Comments: Very competitive. Fast. Good brakes. Will test the timid. Loves to race. This animal has speed and has taken off with his rider


Official Dude Ranch Donkey: Calamity JaneName: Calamity Jane

Color & Markings: BLM Wild burro (Arizona desert herd)

Horse Age: 1999

Size: Small (use for kids)

Rider Size: Kids – note: staff (NOT parents) to hold lead rope while children in saddle. Do NOT trust parents to lead!!!!

Rider Skill: N/A

Bit: None. halter led only.

Watch for: Overfeeding! Wild burros die of founder and heart attacks – absolutely NO snacks!

Comments: Ellen adopted Calamity Jane a couple of years ago, in training for children’s walk leads (as of 1/15). Keep dogs away while kids are on line, she will attack.

Foundered in Jan 2009 – do NOT allow unrestricted feeding!


Dude Ranch Horse: Little Joe Donkey

Name: Little Joe

Color & Markings: Gray cross dunn with zebra stipes on legs and hugs roll of fat on neck!

Horse Age: 1996

Horse Size: Bigger than Calamity Jane

Rider Size: Small- note: staff (NOT parents) to hold lead rope while children in saddle. Do NOT trust parents to lead!!!!

Rider Skill: N/A

Bit: None. halter led only.

Watch for: Overfeeding! Wild burros die of founder and heart attacks – absolutely NO snacks!.

Comments: Calm and sweet. Never argues. In training for children’s walk leads (1/15), and keep dogs away when kids are on line, will attack

Quick Guide (11/13/14) :
Name Birth Year Gender Breed Color Face/Mane Feet Other
  Apache 1988 G QH BrownDark brown patch on butt Litle snip   Semi-Retired
Advanced riderFast!
Watch Weight
Aspen Filly ’13  M QH/Pony?  Bay      Halter Training started
Ben’s Gus ’95  M Arab  Light Sorrel      Crippled Lawn Ornament
 Buddy    G  Papered Paint  Sorrel ‘Y’ shaped DTR-STR-SN RF sock
 Candy    M QH grade Fleabitten Gray Snip C LSH  Swan’s
 Chism ’94  G QH Chestnut star, roan strip  LF roan 1/2 pastern  
Cimarron 2004 M QH/Clydesdale Dark Bay Strip, blaze RR sock (Cimarron is right) Big girl
 Dandy  1990  G QH  Black Star Strip  sock RF  and both H  
 Danny  2005 G  Paint  Sorrel with white spotted belly  Blaze  LF and BH stockings  
Debbie 2000 M QH Sorrel Small star none Anti-fungal to back as needed
 Diamond  ’08 M Papered QH  Sorrel  Diamond Star  No socks  
 Fancy Flame  1991  G QH  Sorrel  Irregular strip (flame)   No socks  Magic Sky Ranch
Flip 1993 G POA Roan Appy      
Foxy 1991 M QH Sorrel Blaze RF coronette, rear stockings  
Gauge 1994 G QH Sorrel Blaze, L eye half blue. Mark on nose. None Stocky, Swan’s
Gene  ’08  G  Papered QH  Sorrel  small star  BH socks  
Grandpa 1980 G Draft/QH Gray     Old! Watch weight
Guinevere ’10  M  Mixed warmblood  Buckskin      
Guss ’02  G  QH  Sorrel “Bump” on forhead –  STR Strip Snip  “MJ” freeze RH, LH partial coronet  Severe  cut to L fore foot & off until Thanksgiving ’15
Jack 1993 G Appy Brown – dark spots over hips  Star snip    
Journey    M Dark Brown Paint  Brown mane Small star? & Snip  4 legs white  Howards
Legend ’06  G  Morgan  Bay      Magic Sky Ranch
Little Joe ’07  G  QH? Cremello  Star    
Luke ’92  G  QH  Bay  Irreg star    
Montee 2005 G QH/Clydesdale Dark Bay Star & Snip Rear socks, BIGfeathers! cimarron’s little brother – Big boy!
Oreo 1991 G QH/Passo Bay Cresent moon star, snip None Old cinch sore under left buckle – examine carefullly EVERY ride! Pad and dress as needed. Special cinch, Howards
Peaches  1991  M  Papered QH  Sorrel star BF socks Bar-cross-K, Howards
Pepper 1987 M QH Gray Slender face   Showing age – watch weight, Magic Sky Ranch
 Red  ’86  G Appy sorrel/white  bald face  4 socks  
Rusty 2004 G QH/Mustang Sorrel Strip   Little guy
Skip 1995 G Big QH Sorrel Large Star & Broad strip Rear stockings  
Skippy ’95  G Apoloosa  Roan-Sorrel, blanket roany str    
Smoke 1982 G QH Gray     Bulky, stout, “D” on L shoulder
Stevie ’95  M  QH Sorrel  Long Mane Faint star    
Sticks  1987  G  papered QH  Sorrel str strp snp  LF 1/2past, BH socks  
Sunny Blue Eyes 2004 M QH Sorrel bald face, blue eyes 4 stockings  Magic Sky Ranch
Trigger 20+ G QH/TB Bay   RR sock (only marking) Brand on L shoulder. Magic Sky Ranch
Whisper 1997 M Bay Paint White mane Star/Strip/Snip RF & LH stockings RH pastern  
Calamity Jane 1999 Jenny Donkey Gray     Lighter, smaller, a bit less fat
Little Joe 1993 Jack Donkey Gray     Darker, bigger, a bit more fat!
Another Quick Guide: (Updated 3/17/15)
Kid Horses Beginner Intermediate Advanced Wrangler Only Other
 Candy  Buddy Foxy  Apache Gene Aspen
Deb Candy Danny Boy Guss  Guenevere Ben’s Gus
Fancy  Chism Diamond  Whisper  Rusty  Smoke
Flip Dandy  Jack      Donkeys
 Grandpa Cimmarron  Legend      
 Journey Debby Little Joe (horse)      
Fancy Flame Fancy Luke      
 Little Joe (donkey) Montee  Skip      
Oreo Gauge  Sticks      Donkeys
 Pepper Guss  Trigger      
Calamity Jane  Jack        
  Skippy Legend        
 Peaches Little Joe        
 Red  Red        
  Sunny Blue Eyes        

Size Guide: Determine weight and skill together – a heavy athlete with good balance weighs less than a moderate sized couch potato! If you are “loading up” a horse, CHECK SADDLE FIT FREQUENTLY! and LISTEN TO THE HORSE!!! (Updated 11/13/14)
Tiny Small Medium Large XL XXL
 Flip  Fancy  Apache Buddy Gauge Cimmeron
Grandpa  Skippy Candy Danny Boy Guss Montee
   Grandpa Chism  Debby Skip Guenevere
  Oreo Dandy  Diamond    
  Pepper Rusty  Gene    
     Foxy  Jack    
    Journey  Little Joe (horse)    
    Legend Whisper    
    Peaches  Stevie    
    Sunny Blue Eye      


Color markings:


Horse Size:

Rider size:

Rider Skills:


Watch For: