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Dude Ranch Staff: Ellen & Dan

Dude Rancher Ellen and Dude Rancher Dan kiss

Dude Rancher Ellen and Dude Rancher Dan and Dude Ranch Dog, Jackjack kiss

E-mail: ride@sundancetrail.com

Position: Mainly Owners, but they do everything.

Comments: Ellen & Dan will be married for 38 years in May, and are parents of three children: Teresa, Gary & Peter. Most of their married life was spent in Michigan, but they also lived in Texas for a few years before buying the STR. They are both RN’s by training; Dan has been a home care & hospice administrator, Ellen is a Woman’s Health Nurse Practitioner.

Ellen is sometimes referred to as HMTRQ or just RQ for “Her Majesty the Ranch Queen.” Dan is referred to as the AO which stands for… well, never mind….

Da boss...

Dude Ranch Head Wrangler

Nick Geister

Position: Head Wrangler


Nick is my name, working hard and playing hard are my game. I look forward to spending the summer with you guys.

Originally from Loveland, CO but have lived in Red Feather off and on for years now.

I enjoy the outdoors, a good laugh, and good people. I feel like I’m on a dating website or something, so I’m done. See ya around!!


Hello! My name’s Darby Kelly.

Dude Ranch Wrangler, Trainer, Coach

Darby & KnightSkye

Position: Wrangler, Horse Trainer/Staff Coach

This is my horse, KnightSkye, and me.

I’ve been riding for 13 years now and which 7 of them I rode in the Westernaires. I was a team “officer” throughout the last few years of my career in the Red Division (highest Westernaires division). I have a lot of experience teaching people how to treat/ride horses and have trained a few horses, as well. I love to help in any way I can and am passionate about making the environment around me fun and friendly.

I’m the kind of girl that “laughs more than she breathes” and I hope I can make you laugh as well. I believe there’s always more room to learn, and like hearing others’ opinions. My horse might bite sometimes, but I certainly don’t! So don’t be afraid to ask me any questions!

Megan - Dude Ranch Kangaroo!

Dude Ranch Kangaroo Megan


Position: Kangaroo – but she does everything

My name is Megan and I am a sophomore at Azusa Pacific University in California. I was born in Pasadena and lived there for eight years, lived in Honduras for one year, and then moved to Colorado. I went to elementary, middle, and high school in Lafayette. During those years, my family took three trips to other countries for three months each; we went to India, Kenya, and Nicaragua. I love traveling and experiencing other cultures.

I have grown up hiking, rafting, skiing, and participating in many other outdoor activities.

I am studying Global Studies with a minor in Art, I love my university, and I can’t believe I’m almost halfway done!

I am so excited to work at the ranch this summer, serve the guests, and spend time outside.

Dude Ranch Kangaroo Jesse

Kangaroo Jesse


Position: Kangaroo
I was born and grew up  in Seneca, SC. I attended one year of college at the University of South Carolina before transferring to Cornell University in 2009. I graduated from Cornell in 2012 with a B.S. in human biology, health and society.

After that, I became a middle school teacher in Ashland City, TN, a rural town outside Nashville. I taught 8th grade science and social studies plus a little remedial math.

My future goal is to start medical school in the fall of 2015.

Interests: guitar, Thai boxing, ultimate frisbee, heavy metal, food

Hey Connor, how about something new for 2014???

Name: Connor

family dude ranch sundance trail connor

Connor is our Family Dude Ranch Intern

Position: Connor literally does everything here as he is a Wrangler


Hello everyone my name is Connor Wilkinson and I will be a junior in high school this year. Since I was very little I have always been interested in trying new things, exploring, and finding out how something works. This became evident from when I was two, when I crawled under the X-ray machine at the airport. It scared the hell out of everyone else when they couldn’t find me, but hey, there’s some really cool stuff under there. As I got older my hobbies and interests shifted from what was under X-ray machines to more outdoors type of activities. These include rock climbing, scuba diving, white water rafting, sailing, skiing, and hiking. Recently I have become interested in theatre, mostly technical aspects, but some acting as well and have been involved in the last four productions that my school has put on.

Why a dude ranch? I was able to experience this ranch as a guest for the last couple years and I thought that there was no better way to experience this ranch to its fullest than to work here. There are several new things that I will be doing this summer, but that is one of the things I love doing: trying new things. I look forward to meeting everyone here and having a great time this summer..

Dude Ranch Kid's Wrangler

Childrens Wrangler Blythe!


Howdy!!! My name is Blythe Beebe. I am 18 years old and am from Ocean Shores, Washington.

I love singing, hiking, playing guitar, and just being outdoors.

I am currently going to college to be an elementary school teacher.

I’m so excited to meet you all!




Dude Ranch Wrangler from michigan

Dude Ranch Wrangler from Michigan Sam!

Email: sam_morse94@yahoo.com

Position: Wrangler, but Sam does everything

Hey everyone! I’m Sam, I was born and raised in Bay City Michigan, on a little farm with a few critters here and there. I’ve been around horses all my 19 years, and couldn’t imagine my life without them.

I plan on going to farrier school within the next couple of years, and also would like to study equine massage therapy.

I love to play in the mud, whether it be in a truck, atv, or just rollin’ around in it. I enjoy fishing, and have been getting into hunting more and more.

I hate being indoors, and I cant wait to spend my summer out in Red Feather Lakes Colorado and meet everyone!

Caroline - Our Dude Ranch Baker & Cook

Dude Ranch Baker Caroline


Position: Baker

Greetings from Caroline! I’m a Virginia girl, born and raised, with a brief stint in Australia for a little adventure. I’ve spent my years hiking the VA mountains, singing, volunteering with therapeutic riding, studying Anthropology at William & Mary, and learning my way around a kitchen.

Been riding horses for more than 15 years, and now that my other half, Scooter, is retired, it’s time to hit the road for my next chapter in Colorado.

If there is one thing I love as much as horses and mountains, it’s baking. I’m looking forward to being in the kitchen at Sundance and to spending the summer with all of you fine folks.

Cheers to lots of laughter, happy horses, good food, and new friends!

Oh, and y’all… I ride English, so cheers to learning new things!

Dude Ranch Staff: Lori & Darren Hebert

Dude Ranch Staff Trainers Darren and Lor

Dude Ranch Staff Trainers Darren and Lori

Position: Mainly Super Secret Training & Evaluation Team, although she takes many awesome pictures, and his tool box gives all of the rest of us “tool box envy.”

Comments: Lori and Darren (and rarely Darren’s evil twin brother) visit us two or three times each year. They torture new staff. We are trying to encourage Lori also sells her photographs. When here Darren often takes up a project, such as maintaining the tractor. The tractor loves Darren.

Dude Ranch Ghost Lady Katie

Dude Ranch Ghost Lady Katie

Dude Ranch Staff: Lady Catherine Moon, herself Name: Gratton Catherine Lawder Garton Moon, aka Lady Katie

E-mail: sorry

Position: Ranch Ghost.

Comments: You will be telling the Moon story every week – get familiar with it now!

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