Dude Ranch Staff Page – People.

Organizational Chart:

Building and opening the Events Center and the wisdom of advancing years means that  this year we are making some really big changes to the “chain of command.” First, this means that we are creating three Manager positions. Among other things, they will be responsible for prying control from Ellen and Dan’s fingers – this means that Ellen and Dan will reduce the amount of meddling that they do to your job each day.  

Ellen doesn’t report to anyone

Dan, House Manager and Events Manager report to Ellen.

Barn Manager reports to Dan

All wranglers, including the Activities Wrangler and Facilities Wrangler report to Barn Manger (except when “loaned” to another Manager).

All kitchen and kangaroo staff report to House Manager (except when “loaned” to another Manager).

Each staff member will be given a personal weekly schedule with assigned days off and assigned duties each day (such as feeding horses, scullery wench, rifle range master or campfire s’mores-maker, etc.). This weekly schedule will repeat each week, not changing EXCEPT

  • when Events Manager has last minute weddings/events booking,
  • a neighbor needs help with an emergency,
  • significant guest requirements arise (such as handicapped guests) or
  • staff members are added or removed from the schedule (we encourage a mid-season break for each of us).   

Before breakfast each morning, all Managers plus the Activities Wrangler will meet each morning for 5 minute stand-up meeting to confirm staff assignments. The Events manager does not have any staff at this time. Weddings and events ave very high priority (to generate enough income to hire staff) and the Events Manager will use staff “loaned” from the Barn and House managers.  

Immediately after breakfast each manager then meets with her/his staff to confirm the day’s assignments.

Note well: one of the things that makes our ranch stand out from other ranches is our willingness to be as flexible as possible. The only thing that you can depend on around here is change. There will be days (such as when we have a severely handicapped guest, a neighbor in need or a last minute event booking) when your assignment may change three times!

This means that you will always be on a team, and that team is likely to change every day! If you require repetition, consistency, and/or lots of supervision, you will not be happy here.

Your packing list – what to bring. 

Other basic information and critically important articles you must know before you arrive.

Guide to the folks around here in no particular order (except the ghost is last)…

Dude Ranch Staff: Ellen & Dan

Dude Rancher Ellen and Dude Rancher Dan kiss

Dude Rancher Ellen and Dude Rancher Dan and Dude Ranch Dog, Jackjack kiss

E-mail: ride@sundancetrail.com

Position: Mainly Owners, but they do everything.

Comments: Ellen & Dan will be married for 42 years in May, and are parents of three children: Teresa, Gary & Peter. Most of their married life was spent in Michigan, but they also lived in Texas for a few years before buying the STR. They are both RN’s by training; Dan has been a home care & hospice administrator, Ellen is a Woman’s Health Nurse Practitioner.

Ellen is sometimes referred to as HMTRQ or just RQ for “Her Majesty the Ranch Queen.” Dan is referred to as the AO which stands for… well, never mind….



Mountain Horseback riding

Barn Manager Kaitlyn


Name: Kaitlyn Hale

Position: Barn manager

Email: kait05soccer@gmail.com


Hello, my name is Kaitlyn Hale. I moved out to Colorado from Michigan in March of 2015 and started working at Sundance. Give me an ear and ill talk it off. Give me a pony and ill ride all day. I look forward to meeting new people, making more memories (if I wear my helmet).


Advice to all male staff!

Advice to all male staff!


Name: Esther

Elopements, Destinationa, Formal and Casual Weddinsgs

Wedding and Events Manager Esther

Position: Events & Weddings Manager

Email: events@sundancetrail.com







House Manager, Lisa with her granddaughter

Name: Lisa Langford

Position: House Manager

Email: llangford5107@gmail.com

Da House Boss

Da House Boss

Comments: I was born and raised in Iowa, so I am a mid-westerner at heart. I lived in Indiana for seventeen years where we raised our three children, Krista, Jessica, and Collin. I have one beautiful granddaughter who has stolen my heart. 

 I have always wanted to work on a dude ranch and I’m at a point in my life where that desire has turned into reality. Being within a few hours of my granddaughter really helps!
If I were to describe myself it would be that I’m a “Jill of many trades, master at none.” I know a little about a lot of different things but do not consider myself to have mastered any one thing.
I believe happiness is a temporary feeling; true joy and contentment are within ourselves to create.




Noodles & Marci

Noodles & Marci


Name: Marci Dickerson

Position: Kangaroo (She hops around and does just about anything!)

Email: gysymarci@gmail.com

Comments: Born and raised in Texas, but the last ten years has been spent traveling and riding horses in the mountains. So I have lots of stories to tell. You will have to decide which ones are true. I am excited to be at Sundance Trail this summer and look forward to meeting everyone. I am a very experienced cat herder!


Name: Caleb McClurg

Colorado Dude Ranch Wrangler from Kentucky

Caleb McClurg

Position: Wrangler

Email: csmcclurg@hotmail.com

Comments: Just a good ole Kentucky boy that loves horses! Love being outdoors and love sports. Wanna have a shooting competition? Bring it on! Kentucky just might be one of the patron states of shootin’ stuff! I love making new friends and I’m super excited to be working here this summer. Don’t mind the twang, y’all will get used to it. Before summer gets here holler at me on twitter, @mcfleeganhugen07, or find me on facebook! Looking forward to being a part of the Sundance Trail family, this is truly a dream come true.

Editor’s Note: A great video of Caleb SKIPPPING down the hallway holding hands with pretty girl  at    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgLdtgrpBlQ



clintName: Clint Betts

Position: Facilities (Maintenance) Wrangler

Email:  bettscrush@outlook.com

Comments:  hey everybody my name is Clint but everybody i know calls me bubba. as far back as i can remember I’ve always been a farm/ranch kind of person. from about the fifth grade I’ve been living on ranches and farms in wellington until i moved up to Redfeather.

my family and i live on 38 acres of nothing but mountain and dry dessert nothingness.

Family Dude Ranch Facilities Wrangler

Getting the Family Dude Ranch ready for summer

ive been around horses for as long as i can remember so having a job where I’m around horses is perfect in my opinion. eventually when i graduate high school I’m planning on being a rig welder somewhere out of state.

i look forward to meeting you all!

Ivan Cleaning Sheaths

Ivan Cleaning Sheaths

Name:  Ivan King

Position: Wrangler


Comments:  Hello my name is Ivan King I was born in Volgograd Russia then adopted and lived in Washington state until I was 9 at which point I lived in Bronx New York all the way until Junior year of high school at which point I left to live with my father in Florida were I presently preside where I am learning to be a carpenter. I enjoy horseback riding, Rugby, baseball ,boxing ,and art as hobbies. I love working outside and finding new things to do and learn I hope to have a good time and revisit old ties and create new ones.

P.S My dog MJ will be joining us as well she loves everyone and is very fond of belly rubs she 
is excellent with children and will listen to anyone.

Family dude ranch cowboy Tanner

Dude Ranch Wrangler Tanner

Name:  Tanner Davis

Sarge -Thinking deep thoughts

Sarge -Thinking deep thoughts

Position: Wrangler

Email: tanner13609@gmail.com

Comments: im a hard working person love being in the woods and horses. cant leave out my dog srgt other than that if you want to get to know me lets go riding 





Childrens Wrangler Kate!

Childrens Wrangler Kate!

Name: Kate Swinney

Position: Children’s Wrangler

Email: kateeswinney@gmail.com

Comments:   Hey I’m Kate Swinney! I was born and raised in Indiana but am currently a freshman at Western Kentucky University to study Agriculture and Animal Sciences. Any free time you will see me with my horse or out hiking-I love, love, love the outdoors. I’m so excited to meet all of yall and to create some awesome memories! (This is Doc, if it works out you might get to meet him too!)



Kid Wrangler Chelsea

Kid Wrangler Chelsea

Name: Chelsea Gabriel

Position: Children’s Wrangler

Email: chelseg7@gmail.com


I am Chelsea Gabriel from Grain Valley, MO. I am so excited to be spending the summer at Sundance Trail Ranch. My main passions are horses and cattle, the outdoors, and track. I also love spending time with my family. I’m looking forward to a great summer!



Name: Jacob Olsen



Position: Cookie

Email: olsensjacob@gmail.com

Comments:  (Picture is Grandma, Mom and I eating something delicious on the island I built)

Jacob Olsen I am from North Carolina and went to college in Colorado. I like cooking, outdoors, fixing things, building things, dogs, farming and relaxing. I look forward to meeting all of you this summer!

Editor’s note to all staff: Be nice to the cook. Fear the cook. Obey the cook. Do not piss off the cook.













Dude Ranch Staff: Lori & Darren Hebert

Dude Ranch Staff Trainers Darren and Lor

Dude Ranch Staff Trainers Darren and Lori

Position: Mainly Super Secret Training & Evaluation Team, although she takes many awesome pictures, and his tool box gives all of the rest of us “tool box envy.”

Comments: Lori and Darren (and rarely Darren’s evil twin brother) visit us two or three times each year. They torture new staff. We are trying to encourage Lori also sells her photographs. When here Darren often takes up a project, such as maintaining the tractor. The tractor loves Darren.

Dude Ranch Ghost Lady Katie

Dude Ranch Ghost Lady Katie

Dude Ranch Staff: Lady Catherine Moon, herself Name: Gratton Catherine Lawder Garton Moon, aka Lady Katie

E-mail: sorry

Position: Ranch Ghost.

Comments: You will be telling the Moon story every week – get familiar with it now!

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