Colorado Horse Back Riding

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Riding in the pond!

Horses and a horse ranch pond!

Trail ride the meadows of the forest…a highlight for beginners and advanced riders alike!

Our guest ranch Riding Program is based on three beliefs:

  • Horse back riding should be fun!
  • Horse back riding should be safe!
  • Horse back riding is a never ending learning process.

Never been on a horse before?
Or haven’t been on a horse in a few years?

Our wranglers enjoy teaching and coaching. They’ll have you up in the saddle, and enjoying the ride in no time! Over the week, you then grow in your riding skill.

You intermediate and advanced riders can become even more knowledgeable, if you wish, with coaching and feedback available.

Ours is not a “nose-to-tail” program!

Some dude ranches do not allow their guests to jog or lope. Our horseback riding program includes a set of classes that build your skills and confidence each day. Many people are loping by the end of the week! Take a look at our picture albums, lots of horseback riding, not much in lines.

So… head on down to the corral where our wranglers will talk with you, assess your skills, and match you with one of our fine western horses. They will then start you out with a lesson in the guest ranch arena to make sure that your horse fits you and your riding ability.

Dude Ranches Western Riders Headin' back to the Guest Ranch

Western Horseback Riders Headin’ back to the Dude Ranch

The horse that best suits your needs will then be yours throughout your stay.

Our Wranglers work under the direction and supervision of the owner and Head Wrangler Dan, who was originally certified by the American Association of Horsemanship Safety, and now maintains certifications as a Wrangler Safety Certification Instructor with the Dude Ranchers Association.

We offer family rides, rides of various gaits from walking to loping, short rides, longer half-day or all-day rides as well as scenic trips with lunch or breakfast on the trail.

Becoming a good horseback rider, not just a passenger, is a great feeling!

Request our Dude Ranch brochure or Download pdf now or Email the ranch.