A Unique Sundance Trail Guest

Introducing Flat Stanley to Our Dude Ranch Life:

Flat Stanley is a pal of our friend Julian Byrnes from New York. He loves to travel and Julian suggested that he might enjoy  experiencing a Colorado Dude Ranch vacation. Flat Stanley arrived and immediately threw himself into the excitement of winter in the Rocky Mountains.

He had to be a little careful on his first few days because it was very windy and blustery up here and he doesn’t have a whole lot of body mass. He was afraid he might blow away!

He braved the wind in the afternoon though to help me feed the horses.

Flat Stanley also helped me feed the chickens.

Finally the wind died down enough for Stanley to go riding with me. He was very excited when he learned that we had a horse named Stanley on the ranch. So here is Flat Stanley riding Little Stanley. We went up into the woods so that Flat Stanley could look out at the Mummy Range of the Rocky Mountains and check out some Aspens and Ponderosa Pine trees.

After a long day on horseback, kicking back in the hot tub is the perfect way to relax.

And even better if it’s followed by an evening in front of a roaring wood fire.

Just before he had to leave, Stanley was lucky enough to meet another ranch friend. Madam Moose stopped by to check on us.

Unfortunately, Flat Stanley had to be on his way. We’ll miss him but we’re sure he’s having a great time in South Carolina with Ellen and Dan. I’m sure there will be more stories of his adventures upon their return. From the staff at Sundance Trail, we hope you had a fabulous winter and have exciting plans for the coming summer. Maybe we’ll see ya up on the mountain!



A very BIG special thanks to Ms. Marian, who was Stanley’s wrangler!