Spring Newsletter

Aspen Grove at Sundance Trail


For those that don’t already know, we’re excited to announce our newest addition – Aspen Grove at Sundance Trail – is well underway.  With the growing number of weddings and events being held at Sundance Trail, we realized the need for a dedicated venue.  Initially, this complex will contain three, multi-use structures that can be utilized singly or grouped together for larger groups or events.

The Gazebo will be a lovely, romantic space with amazing views of the mountains, trees and pond that create the serenity of Sundance Trail Guest Ranch.  We envision this space being used for ceremonies, a stage for bands or anything else you can imagine!  The Gazebo opens up into a Courtyard which is a beautiful, flexible space that can be used for tented or open seating, dancing, or simply open space.  At the end of the Courtyard, you’ll find the Carriage House; a rustic and chic two story building that, again, can be utilized in many ways.  The lower level will house large doors on three sides allowing it to open almost fully to the beautiful surroundings and offer amazing views of the Courtyard, Gazebo, pond and Colorado landscape.  This lower level can seat 60 people in rows or 40 at round tables, will have easy access to a dedicated parking lot for the venue and a bathroom.  Upstairs, there will be four bedrooms – two for our staff, one to be used as a staging room for the bride and bridesmaids and one that will become the Sundance Trail and Aspen Grove office.

Of course, throughout the planning phase of this project, we took extreme care to retain the values and qualities you’ve come to love about Sundance Trail Guest Ranch.  We are truly excited about the impending completion of this project and look forward to helping you plan your next wedding or event with us!



Preview of Things to Come

We’re always trying to improve your experience at Sundance Trail and have a few exciting things coming down the pike:

  • Tough Mudder Training Course: With the growing popularity of Tough Mudder competitions in Colorado, we decided to craft our own training course on the ranch.  This course is still in its infancy but, when completed, will be outfitted with slack lines, Berlin walls, tire obstacles, climbing ropes and obstacle hills. pg2014-2
  • Owner’s Ride:  We’re constantly trying to carve out time to be on horseback but, as any owner/manager will tell you, the business comes first.  Well, this year, we’ve taken steps to ensure some of our time can be spent with our feet in the stirrups and this will come in the form of an “Owner’s Ride.”  Each week, while the kids are off doing something fun and exciting with our children’s wranglers, we will be inviting the adults to join us in some quality time on the trail.


A Moment In Time

We like to occasionally take the time to reflect on the last year and remember some of our favorite moments.  Well, without a doubt, Patty and Joe deciding to spend their wedding day with us was one of our top moments from last DSCF9924season.  This amazing couple has been spending time with us for several years and we were thrilled to get the chance to know them over that time.  This past season, Patty and Joe made the joyful decision to share their vows on Flat Rock. Dan presided over the ceremony and their children made up the guest list.  Topped off with a champagne toast overlooking the beautiful Rocky Mountain scenery Flat Rock has to offer, this ceremony really encapsulated all we are at Sundance Trail.  Patty and Joe, we are so pleased you chose to spend this special day with us and look forward to having you back soon!


Jackalope Hunts


The hunt for the elusive jackalope has always been a favorite among the younger members of the families that visit us.  Once a week, the kids join our children’s wrangler for a fun-filled evening of hunting a rare species of jackalope through the wilderness, followed by a delicious dinner by the campfire and a night in our authentic teepee under the stars.  We invite you to join us on the ranch this summer to join in this exclusive tradition!


Staff Corner

We have some amazing new staff members joining us this year and some old favorites returning for another season.  We have begun delegating some managerial responsibilities around the ranch to a few of these staff members and would like to introduce these special folks to you as they will no doubt become familiar faces around here.

Mountain Horseback riding

  • Kaitlyn:  A Michigan native, Kaitlyn moved to Colorado in March of 2015 and has worked at Sundance Trail since that time.  She is now our Barn Manager and will oversee the daily workings and maintenance of our horse herd and wranglers.


  • Clint:  A Colorado native and true “local,” Clint has become a regular face around Sundance Trail.  He holds the position of Facilities Wrangler and is truly a jack-of-all-trades.  Currently, his big undertaking is the creation of the Tough Mudder course and keeping up with all of the maintenance on the ranch.

Da House Boss

  • Lisa:  Raised in Iowa and long time Indiana resident, Lisa is one of the newest additions to our full-time staff.  As the House Manager, you will see her most often in the Lodge overseeing the daily duties of our house staff.  Much of the delicious food you experience at Sundance Trail will be of Lisa’s creation!


    • Ivan:  A Sundance Trail staple, Ivan has spent many seasons with us on the ranch and likely familiar to many of you.   We’re proud to have him back as a wrangler where he will be accompanying you on rides, caring for our herd and helping with maintenance around the ranch.  His dog, MJ, will also become a familiar face if you visit us this season!


Upcoming Events

Find your inner artist in one evening!

  • Mother’s Day Painting Party:  If you’re local or looking for a weekend getaway with that special woman in your life, we invite you to join us for Mother’s Day!  Our resident artist, will be hosting a painting session which will include instruction on creating a special, Mother’s Day themed, work of art you can take home with you.  Class enrollment also includes a home cooked meal, good conversation and great fun!


  • Disc Golf Tournaments:  Each year we host several disc golf tournaments and this year is no exception.  These are always great fun and our professional course designers have some truly evil things planned for the Sundance Trail course!


Upcoming Local Events

Did You Know?

  • We offer airport shuttle service!  $90/person, round-trip!
  • We have a 5% referral discount!  Send a friend to us and get 5% off your next visit!
  • We offer gift certificates!  Available in any amount, these make great gifts for anyone in your life!