Barn Manager

Barn Manager

Reports to: General Manager (Dan)

All Managers work together to:

  1. Assess current activities and structures with an eye to improvement and/or correct issues.
  2. Plan future team activities and structures, including assisting the other two teams, as needed.
  3. Orient, train, and educate staff members.
  4.  Supervise staff: providing leadership, direction, correction, praise and encouragement.
  5. Evaluating what activities/structures are working well and what require further attention.


  • Animal Care
    • Ensure and maintain health, safety, and happiness of all animals owned by the ranch
    • Develop and implement nutrition plan for all animals
    • Fit and check the fit of tack several times a year as necessary
    • Basic medical and preventative care of herd with Dan’s help, maintaining relationships with farriers and veterinarians
    • Monitor animals on leased grazing land
    • Keep horses fit and correct behavioral issues with training
  • Barn Management
    • Maintain organization and cleanliness of barn and grounds around barn/arena
    • Ensure tack is clean and in good repair
    • Ensure that all necessary supplies are stocked at all times
    • Scrape paddocks when necessary
    • Manage manure responsibly and run manure spreader
    • Ensure water troughs are clean and stocked at all times
    • Tarp hay
  • Record Keeping
    • Maintain immaculate records of horse care: vaccinations, worming, teeth floating, and hoof maintenance on master barn log.
    • Assure complete and up-to-date Riders Logs.
    • Maintain master horse list under Dan’s supervision
    • Coordinate hay delivery
    • Coordinate stocking of grain and other supplies with Dan
    • Maintain rotational grazing plans on lease properties
  • Employee Management
    • Team interview and hire seasonal candidates
    • Orient and train new wranglers. Provide continuous education of all wranglers as opportunities arise. Team teach DRA Wrangler Safety Course.
    • Provide leadership to create a culture of teamwork to produce our product: a delighted guest. (praise, correction, education, coaching, encouragement)
    •  Create weekly barn staff schedule each week
    • Ensure that all barn staff are meeting standards of horse care


  • Prefer lifelong equestrian
  • Previous Herd Management experience (5+ years)
  • Equine nutrition knowledge
  • Knowledge of equine health, disease
  • Exceptionally high standard of animal welfare
  • Organizational capabilities
  • Self-starter
  • Honesty and open communication skills
  • Ability to drive a tractor
  • Ability to properly fit western tack
  • Knowledge of rotational grazing practices to ensure land health is maintained on lease properties
  • Management experience (1+ years)
  • Hospitality minded
  • Current CPR certification