Bears Invade Dude Ranch! (and Mooses too!)

Guest Ranch take-over!!!

Guest Ranch table  cub

Dude Ranch Bear Table

–After successfully keeping momma black bear and her cubs out of the dumpster and the kitchen all summer, Sundance Trail Guest Ranch has been been completely overrun with bears… and mooses*!!

-Take home a bear as a memory of your ranch vacation! Or maybe a Christmas present from your family vacation. Looks like there’s a whole herd of the critters hiding in the gift shop, next to the Jackalopes, water bottles, disc golf Frisbies, and elegant Colorado hand carved bowls.

Colorado family vacation ranch gift shop

Bears Hiding in our Dude Ranch Gift Shop

-Our neighbor, Rob, is a chainsaw artist, and he make some of the finest carvings we’ve ever seen!

-Our dude ranch has become a gallery of finished pieces!

-Rob’s work shows the demanding control and precision needed for this unlikely art form.

Colorado Ranch Vacation Bear

Itty Bitty Dude Ranch Bear & Kleenex

Big ones, little ones, some holding signs, some holding tables, some just sitting on a table top being cute.

Colorado Ranch Vacation Bear and itty-bitty Moose

Sundance Trail Guest Ranch Front Porch Greeters!

Most of these are bears, but there are cubs and mooses* as well.

He takes custom orders for wood carvings of any kind; including bears, bear lamps, Eagles, Indians, Cowboys, Santas, pumpkins, …you name it!

Bears protecting sundance trail guest ranch fireplace

Bears Protecting Ranch Dining Room Fireplace

Rob’s prices vary, depending on the size and difficulty of the piece, and whether any museums or fine arts galleries are bidding for the piece.

Family Vacation Hugs!

Colorado Ranch Vacation Hugs 5 cents!

Generally, small bears & mooses*,  about a foot tall, start at $35 or so.

If you have something special in mind, please feel free to email the ranch and Rob can give you a quote.

Also, Rob said he’s open to demonstrating his art here at the guest ranch if you have a group that would like to watch & learn more.

* We appreciate that in some parts of the country the plural of “moose” is “meese” but here in Colorado we use the more correct ranch term “mooses.”

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