Dining Room Steward / Executive Dishwasher

Responsibilities include strategic planning, executive direction and maintaining:

  • Overall appearance of the kitchen and dining room, assuring that these rooms are clean, neat and orderly,
  • Setting tables, serving meals, busing tables, and washing a never ending flow of dishes (with the assistance of kangaroos)
  • Washes more dishes
  • Perform daily maintenance duties such as mopping floors, washing pots and pans, cleaning
  • Unloading, checking and storing all food orders and kitchen supplies
  • Yup, more dishes!
  • This position is an “all-around” or “float” and may be called upon to do just about anything on the ranch

Dining Room Steward/Executive Dishwasher Requirements:

  • An advanced degree in dish washing engineering preferred
  • Rabid, obsessive – compulsive need for cleanliness is highly valued
  • Strong social skills, attention to personal appearance, and proper etiquette are essential.
  • Experience in housekeeping preferred but we will train conscientious persons who are organized, detail oriented and have the right attitude. We expect our dining room and all public areas to be VERY clean.
  • Must be able to repeatedly lift and carry 85 pounds a minimum of 300 feet while working at altitude of 8,000 feet.
  • Ability to drive vehicles with stick shift preferred.
  • Must be able to perform all of the duties listed in high altitude environment.
  • Those with a high tolerance for filth need not apply.