Dining Room Steward/Dishwasher

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We even have fun in the kitchen!

The Dining Room Steward is an essential member of our house staff! This individual will maintain a high standard of cleanliness in the kitchen & dining room throughout the day and entertain guests who pass through these areas. Please read the assigned duties & necessary abilities before submitting an application.

REPORTS TO: House Manager/Head Cook*
*meaning you will report to the Head Cook on an hour-to-hour basis while working, but your ultimate supervisor is the House Manager.


  • Set tables before each meal
  • Assist kitchen staff with meal prep prior to each meal
  • Bussing tables during and after meals
  • Ensuring guests are satisfied during meals (Are drink pitchers full? Do serving platters need refilling?)
  • Washing dishes, running dishes through sanitizer, and storing them properly after each meal
  • Cleaning dining room after each meal (wiping down tables, salt & pepper shakers, chairs; sweeping floor; maintaining coffee service)
  • Assisting Head/Assistant Cook with any kitchen duties necessary throughout day
  • Assisting other house staff members as needed (housekeepers, house manager)
  • Ensuring health code standards are kept up on a daily basis under supervision of house manager (this means yelling at non-kitchen staff who may come into your kitchen and do something incorrectly!)
  • Closing kitchen down each evening (turning off all equipment, mopping, scrubbing walls, sinks, etc.)
  • Bear prevention


  • Hospitality experience (1+ years)/customer service mindset
  • Exceptionally high standard of cleanliness – personal & professional
  • Neat & cleanly outward appearance
  • Personal organizational skills
  • Ability to take direction
  • Ability to work as a team
  • Honesty and open communication skills
  • Self-starter
  • Flexibility – ability to change your personal plans/desires to suit all kinds of guest requests
  • Ability to work calmly under pressure
  • Ability to preform duties at high elevation

Think you’d be a good fit for the Dining Room Steward position? Review our employment expectations and submit an application for review! We’ll be in touch shortly.