Dude Ranch Jobs – Front-of-the-House Manager

Dude Ranch Front-of-the-House Manager

Sundance Trail Guest Ranch is a small (24 pillows) dude ranch in northern Colorado, supervised by the owners, the Barn Manager, The Events Manager, the Facilities Manager, and the House Manager.

Areas of Responsibility Include:

  • Other Duties as Assigned
  • Kitchen
  • Housekeeping
  • Activities Kangaroos
  • Assisting Events

Other Duties “As Assigned” (Seeing what needs to be done and doing or assigning solution.)

  • We are a very small business. Everyone here chips in and lends a hand with whatever calamity, catastrophe, emergency or fire currently burning.
    • This could be just about anything from applying band aides to childrens’ fingers to slapping shingles on a leaky roof.
    • This may require stepping in to doing any job if someone is out sick, on vacation, or wins the lottery.
  • All staff jump into “other” jobs as needed at the moment
  • Modeling appropriate behaviors, including dining room and table etiquette, sparkling conversation, seeing and picking up trash
  • With input and assistance of other Managers, writes the weekly staff work schedule.
  • Strictly controlling overtime
  • Monitoring the weekly guest schedule and making adjustments to staff assignments according to guest requests/needs, scheduled special events, etc., throughout the week
  • Planning airport transportation as needed – rotating it among all staff
    Accommodating fluctuations in guest census with adequate staffing


  • Supervises all kitchen staff including cooks (2) & dishwashers (1), & Housekeepers/Kangaroos (2)
  • Orients & educates kitchen & housekeeper/kangaroo staff
  • Staff scheduling
  • Provides “local expert” Public Health Food Safety Code knowledge & skills
    • Studies regulations & previous inspection reports
    • Rapid cooling techniques
    • Safe food temperature ranges (cooking and holding)
    • Identifies and corrects environmental “weaknesses”
    • Establishes “student” relationship with Public Health Inspector in her consulting role
    • Assures compliance with all health codes, for example:
    • Teaching and enforcing proper hand-washing
    • Teaching and enforcing proper food storage
    • Daily cleanliness inspections
  • With cooks, reviews guest reservations and provides menu planning
  • Adapting menu to guest allergies, sensitivities, therapeutic diets, “fussy eaters,” etc.
  • With cooks, assures adequate food inventory – placing food & supplies orders, rotating stock


  • Managing and supervision the housekeepers and kangaroos
  • Schedules daily public and guest room cleaning
  • Inspects rooms regularly
  • Assures adequate supplies of clean laundry
  • Kangaroos are housekeepers who, like wranglers, also provide a number of guest activities (including leading hikes, rifle range, fishing, etc.), requiring special scheduling
  • Assures adequate inventory of housekeeping and guest amenities stock
  • Supervises all staff who contribute to “turning over the house” days
  • Providing instruction and immediate supervision of wranglers & facilities staff who are housekeeping


  • Providing any needed products/supplies/support to Events Manager as s/he develops new Wedding & Event business
  • Coordinates with Events, Barn and Facilities Managers in scheduling and providing shared staff to support Events services (such as weddings, day events, etc.)
  • Reassigning kitchen, barn and facilities staff to special events
  • Adjusting work schedules and days off to staff special events

More Info see the cooks, dining room steward, housekeeper, and kangaroo position job descriptions found at : https://www.sundancetrail.com/dude-ranch-jobs/