Dude Ranch or Guest Ranch Children’s’ Wrangler

Dude Ranch Children’s’ Wrangler responsibilities include:

  • Responsible for constructing and maintaining a complete children’s program for pre-schoolers through young teens (5 to 15 years old). Your program should have a curriculum and lesson plans based on introduction and acquisition of skills; and
  • should include fishing, riding, archery, astronomy, baking/cooking, Indian lore, first aide, orienteering, and leather work.
  • You will also act as an advisor to those children who are working on Boy and Girl Scout merit badges.
  • Responsible for Tuesday night overnight, family arena games, and all other children’s’ activities.
  • Note: the Children’s Wrangler also shares all other wrangler duties listed in the “Wrangler” Job Description including feeding on a rotating basis; pulling, tacking, brushing picking feet; etc. assisting in busing tables and washing dishes, etc. However the unique responsibilities of dealing with children makes the Children’s Wrangler’s “fair portion” of chores much less than that of the adult wranglers. This position is not appropriate for those who are not strong “team players.”


  • Extensive child care and teaching/leading experience,
  • professional teaching and scouting experience strongly preferred.
  • Moderate horseback riding and equine knowledge. Extensive horse knowledge and skills is preferred, as this allows the employee to also assist with wrangling duties.
  • See our separate outline of videotape requirements.
  • The ability to drive standard transmission vehicles (jeeps and trucks) is valuable.
  • Must be able to repe4atedly lift and carry 85 pounds a minimum of 300 feet while working at 8,000 feet altitude; and drive vehicles with stick shift.
  • Must be able to perform all of the duties listed in high altitude environment.
  • Must be able to communicate to kids and parents with tact and clarity, and exhibit a patient and knowledgeable attitude with horses.
  • Endless enthusiasm and energy.
  • A genuine love for working with children.