Dude Ranch or Guest Ranch Wranglers

Please note that we have many wrangler applications with start dates in June. While some positions may start in June, most positions will start in early or mid May. We also have many wrangler applications with ending dates in mid or late August. We will need wranglers who can work through September and maybe October. Preference will be given to those applicants that can work into September, October and November.

Responsibilities include:

  • Gathering and feeding, saddling and preparing horses for rides;
  • Leading Guest Trail Rides; safety officer, story teller and teacher
  • Teaching beginner and intermediate  riders; coaching proficient riders
  • Assisting in the care of sick and injured animals
  • Teaching horse care,
  • Inspecting, maintaining and cleaning tack, being sure all is safe and in good working order;
  • Inspecting and maintaining facilities, corrals, arena, trails, grounds (manure happens);
  • Leading children’s’ arena games (with Children’s’ Wrangler)
  • Assists the Children’s’ Wrangler
  • Provides or assists with ranch entertainment (usually in the evenings) and assisting with children’s’ programming (including weekly overnight kids camp out).
  • Manages manure inventory and placement.
  • Tells endless jokes and humorous stories.
  • Leads daily hikes and climbs.
  • Takes guests fishing.
  • Lots of housekeeping, yard maintenance, trash removal, fence building/repair,t rail repair, dish washing,* toilets* and related romantic cowboy stuff is available.


  • Extensive horse knowledge and skills, and the ability to effectively teach these skills must be demonstrated, either through personal interview or videotape.
  • Strong “people” skills: we successful wranglers demonstrate confidence, warmth, initiative, good judgment and leadership skills. Shy and timid people do not do well. People who need to “sow wild oats” do not last long here.
  • See our separate outline of videotape requirements.
  • Must be able to lift and repeatedly carry 85 pounds a minimum of 300 feet while working at 8,000 feet altitude; and drive vehicles with stick shift.
  • Must be able to perform all of the duties listed in high altitude environment.
  • Must be able to communicate to the public with tact and clarity, and exhibit a patient and knowledgeable attitude with horses.

Note: Wranglers who are also farriers or who have shoeing experience may be eligible for a separate contract for shoeing activities. Please call Dan to discuss details (970-224-1222).