Dude Ranch Rock Climbing Instructor

This is a part time position, usually done by a Kangaroo or Wrangler. Responsibilities will include:

1. Lead single pitch top roping program for both small and larger groups.

2. Maintain inventory. Care for and/or replace equipment as needed.

3.  Maintain safety and equipment logs.

4. Teach other staff skills needed to assist.

5. Provide guests with all of the “guest relations” functions listed in the Wrangler job description below, including the roles of safety officer, teacher, coach, entertainer.

6.  Plan future activities. Rock Climbing Instructors must be AMGA certified (or equivalent). If you are a climber but not currently certified climbing instructor, it may be possible to obtain certification before the summer season if you have:

  • Completed at least 20 documented indoor and/or outdoor climbing outings (12 months of climbing experience preferred)
  • Current first aid and CPR certifications.
  • Be able to climb at 5.8 level on top rope, lead 5.7 climbs on artificial walls
  • Demonstrate your ability to take controlled falls on rope and while bouldering.
  • Preferred) be an active lead climber, and have led trad climbs on at least 15 graded rock climbing routes

The Rock Climbing Instructor position will be part time, split with either housekeeping or wrangling positions or other positions.