This person hops around and does a bunch of different things each day.

  • Assist Steward set tables for the next meal
  • Serve food
  • Dazzle guests with sparkling conversation
  • Bus tables, assist with dish washing, and reset tables for next meal.
  • Following the cleaning up of breakfast this person will do housekeeping duties.
  • Dude Ranch Housekeeping responsibilities include general but thorough housekeeping of all guest suites, the lodge, and all public areas. This includes: Assists with ranch entertainment (usually in the evenings) and assisting with childrens’ programming (including weekly overnight kids camp out).
  • cleaning bathrooms
  • changing towels
  • changing/making beds
  • vacuuming
  • dusting
  • washing floors, counters, windows
  • washing & folding sheets & towels
  • ironing as needed
  • sweeping decks, porches, and cleaning outside areas
  • picking up trash
  • breaking down, moving, and setting up beds in different suites
  • cleaning vehicles
  • Tells endless jokes and humorous stories.
  • During the afternoon, this person may have some ranch laundry to do, or often are free and may join afternoon ride with guests.
  • Each Kangaroo may have other talents that must be expressed, and may include any or all of the below activities;
  • May lead daily hikes and climbs, as needed.
  • May take guests fishing, as needed.
  • May lead or assist rock climbing, top ropes or belaying.
  • May assist in the office with telephone, typing, emails, or marketing.
  • This position is an “all-around” or “float” and may be called upon to do just about anything on the ranch.

Kangaroo Requirements:

  • Strong social skills, attention to personal appearance, and proper etiquette are essential.
  • Experience in housekeeping preferred but we will train conscientious persons who are organized, detail oriented and have the right attitude. We expect our guest rooms to be VERY clean.
  • Must be able to repeatedly lift and carry 85 pounds a minimum of 300 feet while working at altitude of 8,000 feet.
  • Ability to drive vehicles with stick shift preferred.
  • Must be able to perform all of the duties listed in high altitude environment.
  • Horse knowledge and skills is preferred, as this allows the employee to also assist with wrangling duties.
  • Rabid, obsessive – compulsive need for cleanliness is highly valued
  • Those with a high tolerance for filth need not apply.