Meet our Dude Ranch Horses and Staff: Annie!

Trail riding on Annie is a great adventure vacation!

Horse back riding queen!

Annie (with John) loves to lead every Trail Ride at our Guest Ranch

She has a very fast walk, which some riders enjoy, and which intimidates some anxious riders. She has very sensitive sides. Annie loves to run! The whole forest is her dude ranch!!!

She has never bucked, spun, reared or tried to unseat her rider. But she has a mind of her own, and does not immediately automatically follow her riders’ cues. She likes to be in charge, but will gladly follow a confident rider, after that rider has established her/his horse back riding authority.

Annie is excellent on trails – never spooks. Likes to lead every trail ride.

Timid riders who need a “push-button” horse would not enjoy her.

A wrangler favorite. Annie also LOVES water. When allowed, she will swim in our mountain lodge pond with the ducks (and her tack, and her rider…!). She also enjoys putting both front feet in the water troughs and kicking out all the water – just for fun!

Country Inn dude ranch horse!

Annie - cutest lady in the horseback riding world!

Age: 1998

Color & Markings: Buckskin
Height: 15 Hands
Horse size: Medium QH
Rider size: Medium
Rider skill: Confident
Bit: Padded hack

Mountain lodge trail riding dentistry!

Annie loves to laugh!

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