Meet our Dude Ranch Horses and Staff: Asia!

An Adventure Vacation Trail Rider: Asia

A guest ranch wrangler favorite.

Asia is small, but sure is pretty!

Asia is a beautiful little girl. Just look at those eyes! Easy to catch, groom and tack.

Good all-around – in the arena, in the pasture or on the trail. Neck reins, never argues, can be fast if you ask her!

This is a horse with lots of heart and potential. She is young, but developing real grace and poise.
>Note: Pink booted dude ranch cowgirl, Marion, is from France and rides with short reins.

Age: 2003

Adventure vacation for a teen with asia

Asia has pretty eyes.

Color & Markings: Bay; star, strip, snip
Height: 14 H
Horse size: Small
Rider size: Small
Rider skill: Confident Beginner/teen
Bit: Low port

Pretty little guest ranch horse: Asia

Dude ranch horse & rider: Asia & Marion!

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