Scratch Pad

Here is first draft of new content for employment application.

Email feedback to, as I will be at hospital or clinics all day and will have my phone.

When this looks ok, I will add it to the end of the semi-functioning application form.

Scratch Pad

Practice Area
  • You Can Enhance Your Application Here!

    Which of these guest activities (leadership or participation) interest you?

    Working on a Guest Ranch is hospitality first and foremost! It is entertaining and delighting our guests.

    Whatever the primary focus of your job is - you are still here to help the guest have a good time.

    You may be a chef, your focus is the food - but if it would bring a guest delight to have you join them at the square dance or to sit on the front porch to share a recipe or a cup of coffee or to come join in on the evening singing - you will be encouraged to delight the guest and make that happen!