The Delighted Guest. What is Guest Satisfaction?
Hello new staff! Please read this carefully. We will discuss this soon after your arrival. The topic of guest satisfaction is not just our business philosophy, it is part of our life philosophy.

For our business, this is more than just philosophy – for our business this is life or death!

As you read this, think about times you have been an airline customer – many of our best and worst experiences as customers have been in airplanes. Or remember having a very expensive meal in an upscale restaurant.

There are five levels of satisfaction:
1. Delighted
2. Very Happy or Pleased
3. Satisfied
4. Dissatisfied
5. Angry

A satisfied customer is a person who perceives that he or she has received what they paid for – a good value for their dollar:
1. The meal served was as described in the menu at the advertised price.
2. The horseback ride was a full hour with a pleasant guide, at the posted price.
3. The plane arrived on time, and so did the luggage.

A very happy or very pleased customer is one who perceives that she or he has received more value than expected:
1. The meal served was much nicer than expected, served by a delightful waitperson, and dessert was added at no charge.
2. A free lesson in horseback riding was included, and the horseback ride was actually 75 minutes.
3. The plane arrived on time, and so did the luggage. The flight attendants made you laugh when they sang the safety lecture. The flight attendant gave you a full can of soda AND an extra pack of pretzels AND told you a joke that you can use yourself.

A delighted customer is one who perceives that he or she has received a “fantastic deal,” well beyond their expectations:
1. The maitre di sat you at the best table in the house, the chef visited and brought them a bottle of fine wine, dessert was on the house.
2. A free lesson in horseback riding was included, the horseback ride was actually 75 minutes, and the wrangler told delightful stories of Lady Moon.
3. The plane arrived on time with your luggage. You were invited to move to first class for the flight for no particular reason.

A dissatisfied customer perceives that she or he did not get his or her money’s worth.
You probably have your own examples!

An angry customer feels ripped off.
Again, you probably have your own examples of nightmare experiences. We will share these at orientation.

Why is this important?

Delighted customers are our best advertising:
o A delighted customer will tell 10-12 people of their delight.
o Delighted customers return again.
o Delighted customers also make our work life more pleasant.

Angry customers will:
o tell 13-16 people how unhappy they are.
o Never come back.
o These people create a negative, hostile bad work environment.

What controls this outcome? What determines whether a customer is satisfied, angry or delighted?

You do! How you behave towards guests has an enormously powerfull efect on their level of satisfaction. You have enormous control over the quality of your guests’ vacation experiences.

Our objective is to delight all of our guests. This means:

* Always give the customer a little more than they expected. An “hour ride” should always last at least 75 minutes! A vase of wildflowers in their bedroom. An extra fancy garnish that makes a serving platter a piece of art. Making a child laugh.
* Surprise them with “extra values.” This is also called “added value” or “extra bang for the buck.” Be alert to opportunities to create delight.
* If the guest wants to ride at speeds that you believe unsafe. Always “hook” the customer’s “adult” with good explanations of why we are restricting their play.
* Always show serious concern and listen intently when a customer complains. The customer who takes the time and energy to tell you a complaint is doing you a very big favor! Always thank he customer, tell them that you want them to leave here delighted, and explain what your plan is to them. Then see the owners to make sure your plan will happen. Get ‘er done! Repeat: Get ‘er done!
* Frequently ask customers if they are having fun.
* The single most important thing that you can do to create delight is to quickly learn guests names, and call them by name. Note: It is ranch custom to learn all guests names by their second meal.
* The second most pwerful tool you have to create delight is your smile.
o I hope that you wake up every morning with a huge smile because you are truly happy.
o If, perchance you wake up without a huge smile for any reason, I hope that you will learn how to smile anyway, because when others see you smile, it makes them smile too! (Moods are fickle, they change quickly. We can actually change our moods. “Fake it ’till you make it.” That is, pretend you are happy, and you will find that you actually are happy!)
o Smiles are contageous. And smiles create delight.
* A pocket full of clean jokes will pay you major dividends! (Dan keeps a list of his favorites in the little book in his shirt pocket.) Start collecting jokes now!