The Dude Ranch 12 Basics of Employment

Starting a new job can create a bit of anxiety, especially when working for a very small business. What does the boss/owner expect of me? Good question! This is a list of our basic expectations of you. Everything we do is based on these 12 values – pure and simple.

This is the dude ranch version of the Ritz-Carlton “20 Basics”

Sometimes, when someone says something so well, it is impossible to say it better. When this happens, quote them and recognize them. The Ritz-Carlton is the absolute finest of hotels. They give us the highest example of quality hospitality and one of our models of excellence.

This Dude Ranch 12 Basics is copied from the Ritz-Carlton, with gratitude:

1. We are cowboys and cowgirls serving cowboys and cowgirls. We treat ourselves, our guests and each other with respect and dignity.

2. It is the ranchboss’ job to make the rules. It is the ranchhands’ job to follow them.

3. All ranchhands are involved in planning the work that they do. Because all ranchhands are involved in planning the work that they do, they can take pride and joy in their work.

4. Every ranchhand points out broken stuff to the ranchboss or just fixes broken stuff.

5. Ranchhands work together as a team to care for guests – and each ranchhand takes care of other ranchhands.

6. Every ranchhand is responsible for cleaning up and picking up trash – what the city folks call “uncompromising levels of cleanliness.”

7. We are employed because of our guests. We are here to provide them with the best personal service that we can. Every ranchhand is responsible for making every guest a delighted guest.

8. We never loose a guest. The ranchhand who receives a guest complaint will own it, tell the guest that he or she owns it, fixes it to the guest’s satisfaction, and reports it to the right ranchboss. The ranchhand is stubborn – she or he does not let go until the guest is delighted.

9. We smile. We always maintain positive eye contact. We use the proper vocabulary with our guests; words like – “Good Morning,” “Certainly,” “I’ll be happy to,” and “My pleasure.”

10. We all take pride in and care for our personal appearance. Everyone is responsible for conveying a professional image by grooming and dressing western.

11. We think safety first. Each ranchhand is responsible for creating a safe, secure and accident free environment for all guests and each other. Each of us is always aware of all fire and safety emergency procedures.

12. All ranchhands protect what we have – the ranch and the animals. We conserve energy. We don’t waste. We maintain stuff so it doesn’t get broken. We treat equipment, especially tractors and vehicles with respect and treat them kindly.

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