What is a Dude Ranch? What is a Guest Ranch? Family Outdoor Adventures!

Colorado horse ranch vacation water break

What is a Dude Ranch?

What is a Guest Ranch?

Experience a different kind of Colorado Family adventure vacation!

What is a dude ranch? Colorado horse ranch vacation water break
What is a dude ranch? Why, it’s a place to play!

The answer to the question: “What is a dude ranch?” has changed over the years.

In the 1800’s, a working ranch that set aside a few beds in the bunk house for gentlemen from the east to visit for a few days or weeks would be called a dude ranch or guest ranch.

The word “dude” simply meant someone who was from the east. To read more history of Colorado Guest Ranch hospitality click here.

“What’s the difference between a “dude ranch” and  “guest ranch”? The term “dude ranch” and guest ranch” mean the same thing. There is no
difference between the terms!

rock climbing colorado guest ranch vacation
Try rock climbing on your ranch vacation!

A guest ranch is a vacation and an experience; both a place and an adventure, a place to enjoy outdoor things.

Some vacations are for looking at things; like museums and touring historical cities. Some vacations are to do nothing, like the beach or a cruise. Some seem to be about standing in line for endless hours; like theme parks and Disn…. well, you know.

Dude ranch vacations are about doing outdoor things; like getting dirty, tired and maybe a little sore,while reconnecting with loved ones:

What is guest ranch? A place to learn to tack on your Colorado horseback holiday

Riding at all skill levels,
Horse Care & Basic Horsemanship Lessons
Rock climbing and belaying
White Water Rafting
Disc Golf
Guided Hiking
Rifle Range Target Shooting
Trap Shooting
Tomahawk Throwing
Family Trout Fishing & Serious River Fly Fishing
Evening Campfires: singing, poetry, s’mores & more!
Kid’s Camp outs
Horseshoes, fooseball & pool tables

Now there are many different kinds of dude or guest ranches. Most dude

Colorado outdoor adventure is what a dude ranch is all about
Making new friends!

ranches and guest ranches share certain characteristics:
1. all inclusive vacation packages including lodging, meals, and all ranching activities
2. located in remote, rural, agricultural or forest areas. They enjoy the outdoors.
3. accommodations are usually in comfortable lodges or cabins
4. minimal stays typically 1 week; many ranches also offer a shorter stay

There is no difference between a dude ranch and a guest ranch when rafting white water
White water rafting!

5. many ranches are managed by their owners
6. Colorado “dude ranch hospitality” is different: relaxed and on a first name basis
7. no requirement that you be an experienced horse back rider – happy to teach beginners

Many guest ranches have broadened their scope to include a list of “non-cowboy” activities: see a list of activities here.

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