Colorado Disc Golf


Looking for outdoor activity during this challenging COVID-19 time? Disc golf is a no contact outdoor activity – easy to maintain distance of 6 feet.

Disc golfers may text 970-224-1222 to purchase snacks, takeaway lunches and/or beverages from our on-site liquor store. Food & drinks will be delivered to the picnic table adjacent to the course map and payment box.
(Verizon cell service at the Carriage House and recreation room).

Our Lodge and Dining room are closed.

However horseback riding is available by reservation only.

In addition to our dude ranch accommodations, Sundance Trail Guest Ranch is home to one of the premier disc golf courses in Colorado!

The course is open to the public and you do not have to be a guest of the dude ranch to play however, if you’d like to make a weekend out of it, we would love to have you stay with us!  Visit our reservations page for more info!

Our Colorado dude ranch is pet friendly and you don’t have to leave Fido at home when you come to play the course or stay with us!  Learn more about our pet friendly policies here.

Never been here before?  No problem!  Visit our first timers guide for more info.


dscn1196Disc Golf Information:

Our Disc Golf Course:

We are proud to work with the folks at The Wright Life as they have inspired much of our disc golf course layout and design.  Our course takes into account the topography of our ranch and the surrounding area which makes it both challenging and fun!  In walking the course, you’ll find yourself climbing hills, aiming around rocks and trees and sharing the grounds with our resident horse herd.  There is no cell service at  the ranch which provides solitude and a great way to “detach” from modern life for a little while.

When you play our course, check in at the main lodge where you can also snag a course map, score card and your very own Sundance Trail Guest Ranch disc!  Bathrooms and picnic tables are available for use at the main lodge as well.



  • Disc Golf is free for our overnight guests!  If the full dude ranch experience isn’t your thing, you might enjoy our Country Inn or Ranch Bed & Breakfast options.  Visit our reservations page to check availability.
  • Day visitors can play for $3 per round per person or $5 per day per person.  Lunch options and/or horseback riding can be made available as well, just call us for details!
  • If you’re a seasoned player, you can purchase a season pass for $50 per year per person or, for $5 million, we will sell you the ranch.

dscn1187Sundance Trail Guest Ranch Disc Golf Course Rules:

  1. We always close the front gate behind us! Horses (and donkeys and goats and some pretty friendly but stupid dogs) are always loose on the property. Horses wandering in the road can be a tragedy!
  2. Please drive slowly! Horses have a funny way of jumping out of the bushes in front of cars!
  3. Day guests may park their cars in the carriage house parking lot (right off Red Feather Lakes Rd, before passing through the red gate!) or at the lodge (past the red gate) where you can find refreshments.
  4. Please do not throw your discs around horses! Horses are big bunny rabbits – we have to use our intelligence because they don’t have any.  If they are in your way, please wait for them to move on before throwing.
  5. We practice the “minimal impact ethic.”  This means that we make as small of an impact as possible. We don’t break off tree limbs, pick flowers, or leave trash.
  6. Guests are strongly encouraged to carry water. Water, lemonade (and cookies) are generally available in the lodge at no charge.
  7. There is no smoking on the disc golf course or on the ranch in general. Smoking is permitted on the lodge front deck only.
  8. You cannot take your horse home with you but you can take home your first disc (an investment of about $10).

Are you a first time disc golfer?

If you’ve never played disc golf (or frisbee golf as its sometimes known) you’re in for a treat!  It is a game patterned after traditional golf, yet very different! You can expect:

  • A game that everyone in the family can enjoy
  • A fair amount of hiking at a relaxed pace
  • Easy, fun and a challenge for all skill levels.
  • Walking 18 “holes” or baskets arranged in a course
  • Players begin by throwing their frisbee – discs from a “Tee” (starting area) towards the target basket.
  • Taking turns, each player continues to throw his or her frisbee – disc until each player has reached the target basket.

    Colorado Disc Golf Course at Sundance Trail Guest Ranch
    Disc Golfer makes a long putt
  • The object of the game is to complete the course with the fewest number of throws.
  • Each “hole” (basket) has a “par” and requires a bit of strategy to negotiate the distance, the obstacles (rocks and trees) and the hazards (the ponds).
  • Initial investment can be less than $10 for your first frisbee – disc!
  • No special equipment, supplies or clothing.
  • Easily learned and played by children and seniors.

Here’s a pretty darn good video to introduce you to disc golf.

Here’s a video about the philosophy of disc golf titled: Beyond Winning and Losing.


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