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Some Helpful Hints for Planning your Colorado Dude Ranch Vacation…

Check In & Check Out

Summer Dude Ranch Check-in Sunday 2PM.
Summer Check-out Saturday after Arena Games, about 12:00 Noon.

Fall, Winter and Spring Check-in is 2PM.
Fall, Winter and Spring Check-out is late morning, after the morning ride.


Family Reunion Dude Ranch Vacation

Family Reunion Colorado Dude Ranch Vacation

What to wear on the ranch:
Our lifestyle is relaxed and very casual:

Riding requires:

  •  jeans,
  • long sleeve shirts
  • some folks find bicycle shorts under their jeans most comfortable
  • sports bras can make trotting and cantering easier
  • either riding/cowboy boots or tennis shoes (NOT hiking boots)
  • cowboy hat or sunscreen for ears, neck and nose
  • stampede strings for your hats are HIGHLY recommended!
  • Stampede strings hang from the inside brow band below the chin — keeps hat attached to you in a breeze, so hat does not fly away and SPOOK the horses behind you! Can be found in most Country-Western clothing stores or in our Trading Post here.
  • riding helmets are available here
  • you are welcome to bring your own saddle and/or helmet if you prefer
Family Guest Ranch Vacation Matt Rock Climbing

Family Guest Ranch Vacation Matt Rock Climbing

Hiking requires:

  • hiking boots or tennis shoes (NOT cowboy boots),
  • sunscreen

Everything else requires:

  • jeans or shorts
  • t-shirts
  • sun screen
  • swim suit
  • sun glasses
  • Summer evenings can be cool – a jacket, sweat shirt or sweater
  • Fall, Winter & Spring can be unpredictable, with as much as a 40 degree difference between afternoon high and night low temperatures. Dress in layers.
  • Washers and dryers are available for guest use every day after 5PM – (yes, mom, you can go home with clean clothes!)

Other Stuff to Bring:

  • Cameras
  • Flashlights
  • Hand lotion – our air is dry
  • Sunscreen
  • We now have a retail liquor store on the property, and a variety of soda pop, beer, wines and spirits available on the ranch. You do not need to BYOB.
  • Guest suites have small refrigerators.
  • We make trips to town daily, and will be happy to have staff pick up other needed items.

Did you notice that we did not list watches or cell phones or pagers? You won’t need them here!


Special Diets:
We are happy to accommodate your special diet needs. Please notify us well in advance of these needs, and we will be happy to write our menu with you.

Fussy Eaters:
If you have a fussy eater, we will be happy to have a variety of simple “kid-friendly” foods available. Notify us in advance, and we will have your child’s favorite foods available when you arrive.


We are pet friendly! Dogs and Horses are welcome here! Please call us to discuss.


You can see the National Weather Service 7-Day Forcast here.

 Our Historical Weather: Jan Feb March April May June
Ave.High Temp 40°F 45°F 50°F 60°F 69°F 80°F
Ave.Low Temp 13°F 18°F 23°F 32°F 42°F 51°F
Ave.Rainfall 0 0 0 0 2.79″ 1.75″
Ave.Snowfall 7.2″ 6.3″ 12.2″ 6.5″ 1.5″ 0
July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Ave.High Temp 85°F 83°F 75°F 64°F 50°F 43°F
Ave.Low Temp 56°F 54°F 45°F 34°F 23°F 17°F
Ave.Rainfall 1.56″ 1.52″ 1.05″ 0 0 0
Ave.Snowfall 0 0 0 2.9″ 6.9″ 6.7″

Mountain weather means dressing in layers. Remember the temperature will drop 30 degrees when the sun goes down at night!


Mail/Phone/Fax/E-mail are available.
However, “bringing work” with you, or being “on-call” for work is HIGHLY discouraged.


What Makes Us Different?

Size – We are a Small Dude Ranch
No name tags. No crowds. No lines.

Relaxed & Flexible
Take off your watch. You won’t need it. We keep riding groups small so we are able to be very flexible in our riding program and activities.

Adventure Vacation
In addition to horseback riding we offer Rafting, Rock Climbing, Shooting, Hiking, Mountain Biking and much more!

We Love to Teach
We believe that riding should be fun, should be safe, and that learning never ends.

Not a Nose-to-Tail Program
Our wranglers will never tell you to “get in line.” We don’t believe in lines!

Concern for Your Safety
We follow the standards of the American Association of Horsemanship Safety,and our wranglers are Safety Certified by the Dude Ranchers Association.

Concern for the Environment
We live the “No Trace” Ethic, which means that we do our best to leave a very small foot-print in our National Forest.

Pet Friendly
We are the only pet friendly dude ranch that we know! Your dog, if he/she is well mannered around children and other animals, is welcome!

Family Orientation
We enjoy sharing our lifestyle with people, especially families. We enjoy helping families play together.

Come Visit Us
This is our home, we live here and we’re open year-round.
You are very welcome to come visit us just give us a call!

More About What Makes Us Different!