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Massage Red Feather Lakes

Massage Red Feather Lakes
Massage Red Feather Lakes - Dude ranch summer 2019 adventure vacation all-inclusive pet friendly guest ranch
A massage can help soothe muscles sore from activity

Red Feather Lakes Massage Therapy at Sundance Trail

Dan Morin, RN, BSN, MPH
Ellen Morin, RN, BSN, MSN

Our practice, Massage Red Feather Lakes, focuses on stress management, injury rehabilitation, sports training & recovery and management of chronic pain from a nursing perspective.* Our practice at Sundance Trail open

Forms of Massage We Employ

Swedish Massage – involves kneading muscle groups to produce a deep sense of relaxation, relieves spasms and pain, increased circulation and range of motion. Swedish Massage relaxes the body and allows the mind to quiet – a powerful way to relieve stress.

Sports Massage – is a method to warm up, cool down, and maintain muscles to enhance physical performance, prevent injuries, and decrease recuperation time. This massage is targeted to specific muscle groups: the runner’s legs, the thrower’s shoulder, etc.

A combination of Swedish and sports massage techniques is a great way to relax the painful or tight muscles of the “week-end athlete.”

Trigger Point Therapy – is a primary and very useful approach to treating Myofacial Syndromes, which are characterized by extremely sensitive areas of spasm and tenderness.

Deep Tissue Approaches – applies techniques to deeper muscle and connective tissue structures. This massage is used to break up old adhesions – to loosen the scar tissue that binds muscle layers and supportive structures. The focus is not primarily on pain relief, but on recovering function. Deep tissue work can be painful.

Chronic Pain can be Distressing and Disruptive to Your Life!

Over time, pain can become a vicious cycle with a life of its own, sometimes persisting long after the original injury has healed. The pain cycle is a chain of events.

Massage Red Feather Lakes - Dude ranch summer 2019 adventure vacation all-inclusive pet friendly guest ranch
These dude ranch pets demonstrate stress management!
  • Injury causes pain.
  • Pain causes muscle spasm, which leaves residual tension and guarding.
  • This tension, in turn, leads to a new cycle of pain and spasm, with increasing stress and fatigue.
  • Massage can break this cycle by relaxing muscle spasms and relieving tension.
  • By relieving pain, massage relieves the stress and fatigue caused by the pain.
  • Massage promotes the restful sleep required to heal your body and renew your emotional reserves.
  • Massage helps you become aware of unconsciously held tension, and how it feels to relax.
  • Finally, the care and comfort of massage can give you much needed emotional support in a time of stress
  • The rate for 1 hour massage is $80.

Massage Red Feather Lakes Gift Certificates

Our practice, Massage Red Feather Lakes, also offers Gift Certificates!


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