Guided Horseback Trail Rides

Sometimes, after our overnight guests we have horses and staff available to guide day riders


  • $50/hour: trail time
    • track due to forest
      • $30 go to forest for use
  • Lessons
    • Maddie own business
    • Research lessons and types
    • Pricing
    • AU to put together graphic (fall)

24 hour notice
50% deposit
Five guests to one Wrangler
Two hour max.
No charge for bringing their own horse but do not promote

  • Schedule
    • arrive at 9am
    • video/demo and on horse by 10am
    • arrive 1pm
      • on by 2pm
    • no Wednesdays
    • no Thursdays
    • all are added to gmail calendar as well to separate between the groups
      • can bill in think reservations w/o adding to calendar
  • Wrangler can switch the ride and go into the national forest, if they have been here prior, they can go to the forest w/o property ride first
  • Marketing:
    • yard signs for front (camping & day rides)
    • Spots are limited
    • Add recommendations for clothing


  • bulk group prices: wait on until needed

Business cards:

  • Barn Manager
Amanda Unruh
Email to managers:
Hi all-
Just to keep everyone in the loop:

We are going to start promoting day rides more throughout the local area. With that being said, Think Reservations has limitations with only being able to book one at a time for the calendar. All payment will still go through When making the schedule, please start looking at the Gmail calendar for these as well (if not already doing so).

We are going to start adding day rides to the Sundance Trail Calendar. I have added one for August 28 with Dana and Tanya also cced on it due to 10-15 guests being added to lunch as well.

When booking, please add their details and think reservation confirmation number to the google calendar details. Look at August 28 for reference.

When we get an inquiry, we will send to Maddie to finalize the booking/add to calendar.

We are requiring 50% deposit to secure day ride at the time of booking
No day rides on Wednesday & Thursdays

We will be adding a day ride page to the website as well and start sending a link to the guests on how to prepare for the day ride. Eventually…

Estes Park Center offers a variety of horseback riding options through the Jackson Stables livery located on grounds. From one hour rides to all day rides, every level of rider can enjoy the trail. We even offer pony rides! Our horseback trail rides weave through Rocky Mountain National Park and YMCA of the Rockies property. What a great way to get out into the backcountry and possibly see some wildlife.

All horseback trail rides and hayrides are booked through Jackson Stables. Please visit to find out more about the variety of horseback riding options, including hayrides.