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NOW HIRING For ALL Listed Summer 2019 Positions!

Please read ALL information below and fill out an application form BEFORE contacting us regarding your interest in any position. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have, but we will not consider individuals for ANY positions without a submitted application.

Wrangler Dani sent her Colorado Guest Ranch Wrangler memories in a video. These are a staff member’s memories, not guest  family vacation memories (we do NOT shoot large caliber semi-automatic rifles)  Thanks Dani!

Before you read on, be aware that our ranch is value driven, not dollar driven – if you are driven more by money than making magic this is not a good fit for you.

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Job Opening and Descriptions
Employment Policies and Expectations
Job Video (Wranglers) – Videos not required at this time.
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So you think you may want ranch employment with guests at a Colorado Dude Ranch or Guest Ranch? Most of us dreamed of this kind of work for years before we were hired here – we know exactly how you feel! Don’t believe that a Dude Ranch job is like a vacation at summer camp. It sounds hokey, but we truly believe that our mission is not about maximizing profit. Our mission is to maximize joy: our guests, yours, and our own.

Dude Ranch employment - wranglers

Dude Ranch employment – wranglers

This is very physical labor; hard work with long hours. We hire folks who are:

  • mature
  • self directed
  • well rounded
  • happy
  • “people – friendly”
  • and who have the stamina and endurance required by ranch life.

We are looking to hire people with skills that meet the needs of the positions open. Having a “love for horses and the great outdoors” is not what we are looking for – we need specific experience with whatever each position requires. Although each of us has specific job responsibilities, each of us also must be flexible enough to work or at least assist every job of our Dude Ranch life.

We create magic for our guests by:

  • washing dishes (plan on it!),
  • housekeeping (likewise!),
  • picking up trash (constantly – including cigarette butts and other disgusting stuff),
  • shoveling manure (horse, goat, kitten, whatever…),
  • and clearing trail in the high country (finally something that sounds fun!).

^Please read this paragraph again!^

  1. We are interested in candidates who can quickly and easily become part of a team.
  2. We have found that unmarried couples, or friends or siblings who apply “as a pair,” are seldom successful integrating with the other folks who form the team. We can no longer consider applications that come in pairs.

In Return, we offer you:

  1. Base Pay ($11.10/hr) PLUS Room & Board 
  2. Any personal tips that may be given to you by delighted guests
  3. Personal Bonuses for Your Individual Successful Results 
  4. The opportunity to collect new skills & training of marketable skills 
  5. Work-Play Balance (in God’s playground) 
  6. Working as a Team Member on a team of Professionals
  7. Clearly defined areas of responsibility and ownership
  8. To be treated with respect as a professional
  9. Creative Expression
  10. Access to Decision Makers
  11. Everyone enjoys clear simple rules, To be happy here.

If you are interested in working for us, then please:

  1. Study the Dude Ranch Job Descriptions below.
  2. Visit the page that lists our Expectations.
  3. Feel free to send us an Application

Dude Ranch Job Descriptions & Openings:


The House & Kitchen

Guest Ranch Dining Room

Don’t listen to those wranglers! YOU are the most important part of our ranch! Some of the most important memories that we want to create for our guests are meal memories. We eat in the dining room, in the back yard, and on the trail. We serve “hearty western fare family style,” which can include lots of vegetables and salads as well as meat and potatoes. Because Ellen and Dan are both RN’s we see many guests who have therapeutic diets or allergies. The kitchen staff is a group of five people who have high energy and good humor. Psychosis is not an obstacle to working in the kitchen, although active drinking problems will get you sent on your way. Kitchen and housekeeping staff typically works forty-five hours per week over six days. Summer Kitchen Staff responsibilities include:

  • Preparing hearty western meals for 20-25 hungry guests and 10 – 16 hungry staff (about 40 total).
  • Serving meals family style; in dining room, on front porch, at picnic tables, and on the trail.
  • Baking enormous amounts of desserts and cookies daily.
  • Preparing therapeutic and/or special diets (with management support) as needed.
  • Managing and maintains food and supplies inventories (shops for groceries).
  • Regularly reviewing and assuring compliance with all Health Department Safety Standards and rules.
  • Maintaining a spotless clean kitchen, including washing dishes, pots, and pans.
  • Helping little kids get eggs from the hen-house.
  • Helping wranglers, maintenance persons, and managers do whatever needs to get done to provide guests with a safe and delightful ranch experience.
  • Telling endless jokes and humorous stories.

Job descriptions and requirements for House & Kitchen staff:

OPEN – Front-of-House Manager

OPEN – Summer Head Cook

OPEN – Summer Assistant Cook

OPEN – Summer Dining Room Steward/Vice President of Dish Washing

OPEN – Summer Housekeepers (2,Part-time)

The Barn

Dude ranch summer 2019 adventure vacation all-inclusive pet friendly guest ranch

Beating the rain!

Don’t listen to those kitchen people! YOU are the most important part of our ranch! Some of the most important memories that we want to create for our guests are from horseback. Good candidates for barn positions will have both horse & people sense. This is NOT a horse job, it’s a people job that includes horses. You must be safety-conscious, hospitality-minded, and not one to cut corners. Barn positions require long hours in the elements working at high elevation. You’ll want to be physically fit and prepared to work one of the hardest summers of your life – but also the most fun summer you’ve ever had!

The barn has five types of wranglers:

FILLED – Barn Manager

OPEN – Summer Head Wrangler

OPEN – Summer Plain Ol’ Fashioned Wranglers (4 positions)

OPEN – Summer Children’s Wrangler

OPEN – Summer Activities Wrangler

OPEN – Facilities Wrangler



FILLED – Facilities Manager

OPEN – Facilities Wrangler


Off-Season Barn Positions (October-April):

FILLED – Winter Wrangler- Job Description and Requirements