Sundance Trail Guest Ranch Employment Application

Why All This Matters: Our returning guests tell us that our people, our service and our lifestyle that keep them coming back; our business is to make every guest a delighted guest

It sounds hokey, but we truly believe that our mission is not about maximizing profit. Our mission is to maximize joy: our guests, yours, and our own. 

Also, our ranch is value driven, not dollar driven – if you are driven more by money than making magic this is not a good fit for you.

If you prefer you can save/print the application and  send by email to or snail-mail to 17931 West CR 74E, Red Feather Lakes, CO 80545

Before you hit the Send the Application button here, SAVE A COPY!  I am sorry, but this button has broken recently, and applications have been lost!
We apologize, when you hit “send,” you should get some sort of confirmation that your application was actually sent.  Most people hit the send button four or five times, and we get four or five copies – no worries. Also feel free to email, text or call us to confirm your application was actually received.