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Dude Ranch Weddings – Planning Ideas & Ceremony

How to Plan a Wedding?

It’s easy! Here’s an outline of what your dude ranch Wedding, or Renewal of Vows might look like. For lots of simple and easy wedding ceremony ideas, click on the highlighted links.

You can download his entire Wedding Planning Guide and edit and print this as a .doc file.

  1. Plan to have fun!
  2. Study Marriage Licenses in Larimer County
  3. Walk and talk through this page with each other and plan what you would enjoy most! (Elopement Ceremony Charges)
  4. Call or text us for a reservation 970-224-1222
  5. On your way here, stop at the Larimer County Clerk’s Office and get your license
  6. Arrive! Meet the horses, Take a stroll in the forest.
  7. Private supper in your room.
  8. Explore your welcome basket… or play a game of Battleship… or whatever…
  9. Private breakfast in your room.
  10. Private ride with your own wrangler.
  11. Lunch in the dining room.
  12. Early afternoon ceremony. The basic ceremony is simply a greeting, the exchange of wedding vows and maybe exchange of rings.
  13. Optional after-ceremony celebration with cake and champagne  and keepsake flutes to take home. (This can be in the dining room or privately in your room.  (You can bring your own champagne, or purchase from our liquor store here.)
  14. Private supper in you room (or dining room if you prefer)
  15. Again, explore your welcome basket, or play a game of Battleship, or whatever…
  16. Private breakfast in your room (or dining room if you prefer)
  17. Second morning horseback ride with the group.
  18. Check-out, OR continue your honeymoon!

Now you know one way to plan a wedding!