Colorado Weddings & Elopement


Elegant wedding? Ornate wedding? Nope.  A huge theatrical spectacle wedding? Not on your life! Genuine western dude ranch hospitality? Now we’re talking the same language!

Elope to Colorado!

Gale is stepping on Kim's toe at their dude ranch elopement wedding

Gale is stepping on Kim’s toe at their dude ranch elopement wedding

Your Elopement Wedding, Life Commitment and Renewal of Vows are:

  • Private & Small – Your wedding can be just the two of you, or maybe a few friends and family members.
  • Fun – Ride horses, enjoy a simple ceremony and celebration, then sip champagne in the hot tub!
  • Simple – On the Elopement Wedding Planning Page that follows, we have listed the steps and a number of simple choices for you to make.
  • Affordable – We have clearly listed our charges for each choice that you make.
  • Worry free – Stop at the County Clerk Office and pick up your license on your way in. Requirements for Colorado Marriage Licenses and Colorado Civil Union Licenses are very simple; no waiting or blood tests. We will take care of all signatures and filing details with the Larimer County Clerk.
  • Romantic & Happy – Elope to focus on each other, not the stress of “a perfect performance”; everything can be joyful, carefree, stress-free.
  • Quiet & Beautiful Miles from the traffic and noise of the city; the Colorado Rocky Mountains are our back-yard… and our front yard! View our pictures: majestic vistas, clean air, sunshine 300 days a year.
  • Close but so far away – Where to elope? Lost in the beauty of the Colorado Rockies, yet only two hours from Denver International Airport.

We are happy to provide you a simple environment and create simple ceremonies to celebrate the start of your marriage, life commitment or renewing of your vows.

Dude Ranch Elopement Wedding

Yes, Rex looks just a bit terrified…

The state of Colorado does not yet recognize same sex marriages or life commitments – we do!



What Makes Us Different?

Size – We are a Small Dude Ranch
No name tags. No crowds. No lines.

Relaxed & Flexible
Take off your watch. You won’t need it. We keep riding groups small so we are able to be very flexible in our riding program and activities.

Adventure Vacation
In addition to horseback riding we offer Rafting, Rock Climbing, Shooting, Hiking, Mountain Biking and much more!

We Love to Teach
We believe that riding should be fun, should be safe, and that learning never ends.

Not a Nose-to-Tail Program
Our wranglers will never tell you to “get in line.” We don’t believe in lines!

Concern for Your Safety
We follow the standards of the American Association of Horsemanship Safety,and our wranglers are Safety Certified by the Dude Ranchers Association.

Concern for the Environment
We live the “No Trace” Ethic, which means that we do our best to leave a very small foot-print in our National Forest.

Pet Friendly
We are the only pet friendly dude ranch that we know! Your dog, if he/she is well mannered around children and other animals, is welcome!

Family Orientation
We enjoy sharing our lifestyle with people, especially families. We enjoy helping families play together.

Come Visit Us
This is our home, we live here and we’re open year-round.
You are very welcome to come visit us just give us a call!

More About What Makes Us Different!