Dude Ranch Death: A B&B Murder Mystery & Wedding!

Mountain Lodge Wedding
Soooo Romantic!

Is this a Bed & Breakfast wedding with a Murder Mystery Game?

or a

B&B Murder Mystery Weekend with a wedding?

Most people elope to a dude ranch to get away from their family and friends. They want a relaxed, very simple ceremony and a fun weekend getaway horseback riding.

Dude Ranch Wedding
Country Inn Wedding

Well, Joel and Sheri decided to have a simple, relaxed ceremony, but brought their family, including all the kids and the dogs.

Why? They had an opportunity to tie the knot while on pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and were married while visiting the Sea of Galilee. Wow!

But what of mom and dad? And what of the gang of brothers and sisters and the small herd of nephews and nieces?

What to do?

Cocoa on a B&B family vacation
Cocoa Tasting Her New Creation

Sheri is a brilliant woman – she brought the family together for a re-do and just for fun a murder mystery game for the weekend! Joel’s a pretty smart guy – he married a brilliant woman! Twice!

B&B adventure vacation for Cocoa
Despite the Dog's Best Efforts, Cocoa Dies

Everyone had a great weekend except Cocoa. Poor Cocoa!

She takes one taste of her new candy, and dies! Dead  as a doornail, despite the dog’s best efforts at muzzle to mouth resuscitation.

Two Murder Mystery Weekend Suspects
Two Suspects: Princess Leia & Luke Jr???

Who did it???

The list of suspects includes almost everyone who attended the wedding!

So here’s a small collection of some of the pictures from the murder mystery game and the wedding.

Murder mystery wedding
Kids, dogs, dead bodies... what a wedding!
Murder Mystery Momma!
Mom doesn't watch the high-jinks, she CAUSES the high-jinks!
Wally Winker; Guest Ranch Cowboy
Is Wally Winker Cocoa's Wacker?
Murder Mystery Game Cake?
Murder Didn't Affect Anyone's Appetite for Cake!
A Cup of Wine, Thee, and a Murder Mystery
A Cup of Wine, Thee, and a Murder Mystery
Bed and Breakfast Murder Mystery Weekend
Family Adventure