Colorado and my Family By Nicholas Czar, Grade 4M October 25, 2006

Bucky and Nick at the Dude Ranch

Bucky and Nick at the Dude Ranch
In July 2005, I went to a dude ranch in Colorado. On the way to the dude ranch, we played a game in the car. We wanted to see who could find the first animal in Colorado. My dad won. He found a chipmunk. We had Chex Mix in the car and fed it to the chipmunks.

At the ranch, I played pool, fuseball and watched movies in the game room, but I didn’t go to the game room very much. One day I even got to shoot a 22 shotgun and a Big Bertha gun, which pushed my shoulder backwards. I also shot a bow and arrow, but my aim wasn’t very good. Usually, though, I was horseback riding or walking with my dad and my dogs.

On Tuesday, we went horseback riding for five hours! We tied the horses to trees while we had lunch. We had sandwiches and chips. When I finished eating and before everyone else finished, I went to pet my horse, Bucky. After lunch, some of the riders were going to ride to a waterfall. It was too far for us, so my family just went back to the ranch with the rest of our group.

On Thursday, I had even more fun, because I went white water rafting with my dad. First we had to go to a building to check in and learn how to raft. The guide gave us instructions how to water raft. He said we may fall in the water if we hit a rock. He also said if we fell in the water, do not panic. Stay calm. Then we had to get our gear—our helmet, life jacket and paddle. We rode in a bus to the river. During our float, the guide showed us a rock called, “Tic Tac,” because when you hit it, you all fall forward and usually fall out of the boat. While we floated, the guide told us that a bear was close by. We just floated along, and we saw a bear made of sticks. The guide told us that the bear was a very ferocious bear. We all laughed. We went to a big wide space the guide called, “Roller Coaster,” and he asked us if we wanted to go fast. We all said yes. We floated to the edge of the river, where we all got out of the boat and swam. That was fun, because there was a big rapid that swept us away just by lifting our legs. It was hard to get back to our boat, because the current was so strong. None of us fell out of the boat during our float. We had a great time.

My favorite part of our trip was white water rafting and horseback riding. I was sad to leave my horse, Bucky, at the end of our vacation, but I have pictures of him at home, and some day soon, I hope our family can get a horse of our own. I miss the dude ranch and Bucky, and I hope that we can go there again soon.

Dude Ranch Horse and His Boy Bucky & Me

Forward from Nick’s mom:
Hi, Dan, Ellen & Gang!

Hope this greeting finds you all healthy and happy in your beautiful mountain home! Just wanted to extend our Christmas greetings to you all! Can’t believe 2006 is almost over!

Though it’s been over a year since we visited Sundance Trail, the wonderful memories of our trip are still vivid in our minds.

Nicholas is now 10 and in 4th grade, and Polly is now 7 and in 2nd grade. Nick had to write a personal narrative this year for class. He received an A+ on his story. I’ve attached it to this e-mail for your reading enjoyment. I thought you might get a kick out of it.

Apparently, he didn’t notice that Polly and I were on the trip with him and Dad, since he referenced only Dad and the dogs (even the dogs were mentioned!!).

We are hoping to come back again some time soon.