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Horseback Trail Rides – Children

Children on Horseback

Horseback quality time with mom
Horseback quality time with mom

* To ride outside the arena, children must be mature and large enough to safely control their horse on the trail — we look at the child’s size, coordination, and attitude on horseback
* We provide helmets for our young riders at no charge, and we strongly encourage parents to helmet their children.
Family Dude Ranch Horseback Trail Riding Adventure



Things to do near Fort Collins - Trail Riding!
These two advanced students are working on balance, bare back, returning from a swim in the pond.

* Riding “double” is extremely dangerous, and is not practiced here.
* We do not have hard and fast rules for children by age. We assess the child’s size, coordination and attitude.
* Almost all girls at age 10 are ready to control their 1,000 pound animals.
* Many younger girls may be ready.
* All 12 year old girls ride better than their parents…!
* About half of boys at age 10 are ready.

* Most, but not all 11 and 12 year old boys are ready.
* If you bring children in this age bracket, who are not ready, we will refund your deposit or ride inside the arena, as you prefer.

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