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Horseback Rider Size


Winter Horseback Ride near Fort Collins
Horseback Ride in the Sun and the Snow!
  • We have a limited number of “plus size” horses who are comfortable carrying plus sized people.
  • We do not have strict restrictions or rules, but do recognize the rider:horse body weight standard of 20%.
  • This is both a question of weight and a question of athleticism, skill, core strength, balance and reflexes.
  • We understand that BMI tables do not tell the whole story.
  • At the same time we have a moral obligation to protect our horses health and well being, and reserve the right to decline riders who are too big for the horses available.
  • If we decline, the rider will be offered a full refund of your deposit.


Horseback riding near Fort Collins

Feel free to call us to discuss, and we can make decisions privately together. 970-224-1222

We are an equal opportunity employer and provider authorized by special use permit on the Roosevelt National Forest.

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