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How Important Are Family Vacations? The Dude Ranch Option

This morning at breakfast I asked four of our winter Country Inn guests the question: “How Important Are Family Vacations?” and did I get an earful! So much of this article was actually written by three moms and a daughter. Thank you Joanna, Lisa, Becky and Rebecca!

Every year our schedules are filled tighter and tighter with activities. Our kids spend so much of their lives running in different directions, always rushing.

A mother points out something to her daughter
Taking a moment to connect

Family life is becoming more stressed, frantic and fractured. Just trying to have a quiet meal together has become challenge.

Our computers, tablets and especially our phones now claim more and more hours of our day.

Our apps “connect” us and yet our kids struggle to make eye contact, touch, or verbalize their feelings.

What is “quality family time”? Could it have something to do with “belonging-ness”?

Being part of something greater than ourselves? Identity? One of the greatest gifts parents can give their children may be an identity built on shared experiences and on memories of times together.

So, why is taking a family vacation important?

The answer is simple really, a family vacation is a unique opportunity for you and your family to disconnect from technology, rekindle relationships and strengthen your bonds by having fun!

How do you “unplug”and reconnect? That’s easy!

One of the most important activities that we can share with the people we love is to play together.

Turn off the phone, put the real world away for a week and take some time to truly relax and unwind.


Guests go rock climbing
Rock Climbing
A wrangler teaches a boy how to swing a rope.
Trying out the lasso

Share adventures

Ride horses

Learn to tack your horse

Raft white water

Disc Golf

Climb cliffs

Play with goats

Shoot rifles & shotguns

Fish trout

A child plays a washboard by the campfire
Participating in a Cowboy Sing-Along
A family plays foosball
Face-off in a Foosball Match

Hike in the incredible beauty of the Roosevelt National Forest

Cowboy Poetry
Square Dancing

Sit on a log together at a campfire, and stare into the flames


Slow down for those deeper heart conversations that connect us.

Just sharing a meal at the same table can be magical!

Escape to a magical place.

Escape to Sundance Trail!


The re-connection starts at home, with making plans.

Grab the kids and start planning the vacation of a lifetime!

Then give us a call at 970-224-1222.

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