Pet Friendly Colorado Dude Ranch Vacations

guest ranch vacation dog

Me! Waiting to greet you!

You Dogs and Horses are welcome here! You can be part of your family’s adventure vacation!

Hi! I’m Jack-jack, the official Sundance Trail Guest Ranch Dog. My job is to be so happy I can barely stand it!

Also, I lead some special “dog-only” activities like

  • chasing the cats and the goats (when they want to play too, otherwise they just sit there);
  • sometimes taking naps with the kittens:
  • playing with kids!;
  • sniffing noses with the miniature horses (who are only about 30 inches tall and weigh the same as me!);
  • NOT chasing the big horses (unless you want to get kicked!);
  • checking EVERY tree and, well, you know…!

    KIds and dogs on the dude ranch!

    RJ, Me & Annie

Ranch Vacation Baby-sitter!


I just talked with a couple of dogs who asked about our dog and horse “culture.” Here’s what two people thought: Dude Ranch Delight – Dog Friendly Guest Ranches, Bark Magazine, July/Aug 2009 and Pet Friendly in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado, The Pet Gazette, May/June 2006.

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