Dude Ranch Staff Orientation Articles

This is the Sundance Trail Guest Ranch Staff Orientation page of Articles for a Family Friendly Vacation Experience

With a single link to Summer Family Dude Ranch Vacations

In the “old days” we used to print these articles and mail them to all staff before their arrival. The paper used resulted in the deaths of many, many trees. The “pre-arrival pre-orientation” reading materials can now be found here. (The DRA Wrangler safety Certification Course will still use printed books.)

All Staff should study the following:

Dude Ranch Cowboy Rules.

The Dude Ranch 12 Basics of Employment

The Delighted Guest. What is Guest Satisfaction?

Staff Packing List – Things to Bring

Don’t Fence Me In Lyrics

Wrangler, Wrangler Intern and Wrangler-wanna-be Staff should study the following:

Developing and Maintaining a Safe and Sensible Riding Program

Horse Skills – Walking, Jogging, Loping

Planning Children’s Programming

Horse Vital Signs

Wrangler’s Guide to Colic

Wrangler’s Trail Stories

Sheath Cleaning without Fuss

Water Is Most Overlooked Item In Horse Ration & How To Figure Horse Weight

NOTE: You will be asked about this when you arrive.