Aspen Grove at Sundance Trail Hosts 2019 Spring Art Workshop Series

Aspen Grove at Sundance Trail Announces
2019 Spring Art Workshop Series

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Artwork by Amy Brackenbury

Art, like music, should be played.

This spring, as the Northern Colorado landscape takes its first deep breath after a long winter, imitate that re-awakening by exercising your creative mind at Aspen Grove’s first Art Workshop Series.


Amy & Lars

Raised and residing on the old family ranch in Northern Colorado, our instructor, Amy Brackenbury, has been a professional artist for her entire life. Known for her renditions of animals, people, and places, she embraces all genre and numerous techniques. Collectors world-wide have acquired Brackenbury originals.

Be inspired by her philosophy of positivity and fun balanced with concrete knowledge and technique which are at the core of her teaching.



Workshop Package

The workshop package is all-inclusive; with lodging, food, and evening activities provided throughout the weekend.

Lodging: cozy individual suites at our mountain lodge with private bathroom. Adjoining rooms or group suites are also available based on availability.

Food: meals will be provided, beginning with dinner on the night of arrival through breakfast the morning of checkout. All meals are hearty, delicious, ranch cuisine served family-style in our dining room. We can accommodate any food allergy or preferred diet. We also have a small liquor store on site for any beer, wine, or spirits.

Evening Activities: Wine & small plate pairing and an evening fireside social.

For locally residing attendees, we will offer these amenities on an a-la-carte basis, so that you may choose to join for meals or activities as you please.


All-inclusive workshop package:
Includes: three days/two nights lodging, meals, daily workshop instruction, and evening activities.

$480/ person
$620/ couple*
*A couple is any two people intending to share the same suite
*Additional charge of state sales tax at 3.7%

Please call us at (970) 224-1222 or email if you would like to attend the workshop without added expense of lodging & meals.

Book more than one workshop weekend and receive 15% off your booking!

Workshop Dates

March 22-24 2019
How to Paint the Color You See

This workshop will focus on basic technique for seeing and mixing the correct color in oil paints. There will be  total of three classes throughout the workshop; Friday evening, Saturday 9-4, and Sunday 9-4. All levels welcome.

Portable easel if you have one
6 oil tubes oil paint:
-Cerulean Blue
-Ultramarine Blue
-Alizarin Crimson
-Cadmium Red light
-Cadimium Yellow deep
-Cadmium Yellow light
-Titanium White 200 ml
Metal wedge-shaped, bent blade palette knife approx 2”
Palette- disposable or wooden
Paper Towels
Canvases or canvas board 11×16” – at least 4
View Catcher (my favorite tool!) or 3×4” piece of cardboard with a hole punched in it.
No smelly solvent needed for this class!

April 5-7 2019
Drawing Everything

Can’t draw a straight line? No problem! This workshop will focus on learning and experimenting with different drawing techniques. A total of three classes will be held throughout the weekend; Friday evening, Saturday 9-4, and Sunday 9-4. Beginner to intermediate.

3 assorted graphite pencils
1 white charcoal pencil
1 red charcoal pencil
1 kneaded eraser
Sketchbook- at lease 11×16”
Toned sketchbook- tan or grey
2 ball point pens

April 26-28 2019
Colorado from Life

Amy’s rich family history in Northern Colorado gives her unique perspective in capturing the native flora and fauna of our beloved region.   The first two workshops are highly suggested!

This workshop will be more free-form, with each individual choosing what medium and subject they like to capture the local landscape and animals. Bring any mediums you like! Three classes will be held throughout the weekend; Friday evening, Saturday 9-4, and Sunday 9-4. All levels welcome.

Bring an assortment of materials. Use material lists above for ideas.

A french easel is great for toting paints and setting up outdoors. Sketchers might like to bring a folding chair.


For booking information, gift certificates, or questions:

Call/text: (970) 224-1222