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Dude ranch summer 2019 adventure vacation all-inclusive pet friendly guest ranch

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Dude ranch vacation kids hunt jackalopes!
Colorado guest ranch vacation kids hunt jackalopes!

Sundance Trail Ranch
17931 CR 74E (Red Feather Lakes Road)
Red Feather Lakes, CO 80545
Call or Text Anytime: 970-224-1222

“The harried urban dwellers find new calm as they trade offices, subways, and traffic for saddles and mountains. Ranches are a refuge where ragged, exhausted people can recover their health and vigor.” [The Dude Rancher, vol. 6 #7, 1938!]

How do you choose? Well, it just so happens we have an article you might enjoy: How To Choose the Right Colorado Dude Ranch for your Family. Also, read others’ reviews from TripAdvisor and Face Book.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Size – we are the smallest Colorado Dude Ranch, which allows us to be more flexible in meeting special needs, and more relaxed in our lifestyle. This can be the ideal spot for your
    family reunion.
  • Trail Riding Program – based on our love of teaching. We accept riders of all skill levels, and we challenge them all! Beginners welcome, but know that this is not a nose-to-tail program. Coaching is available for the proficient, if desired.
  • Pet friendly – bring your horse or your dog.
  • Family Orientation – Our summer children’s program is designed to help families play together. If
    you are looking for a children’s “drop-off” program, this is not the Colorado guest ranch for you.
  • Wheelchair friendly – because the owners are both RN’s, we have suites that are wheelchair
    friendly, and we are very comfortable with children who have special needs.
  • Close to the Airport. From Denver International, you can be here in less than 2 hours.
  • Even more information on What Makes Us Different!

Summer Colorado Dude Ranch Vacation:

Dude Ranch Vacation Western Horseback Riding Safety Class
Dude Ranch Vacation Western Horseback Riding Safety Class
  • Horseback riding on National Forest Trails
  • Horseback Riding Lessons
  • Mountain hiking
  • Rock Climbing and Belaying Lessons
  • Seasonal white-water rafting
  • Nearby trout fishing
  • Mountain Bikes
  • Resort Level Golf nearby
  • Disc Golf
  • Target & Trap Shooting
  • Professional massage
  • Archery & Tomahawk Throwing
  • Dedicated kids program and activities
  • And… of course…. Hammocks!

Fall, Winter & Spring Country Bed and Breakfast:

Family Dude Ranch Vacations - ideal for family reunions!
Family Dude Ranch Vacations – ideal for family reunions!
  • iMurder Mystery Week-ends
  • Romantic get-Away Weekends
  • Small Group Retreats
  • Horseback riding in the National Forest
  • Horseback Riding Lessons
  • Mountain hiking
  • Nearby trout fishing
  • Enjoying a book on a sunny porch
  • Disc Golf
  • Target & Trap Shooting
  • Year Round Family Reunions –
  • A family of 20-24 has exclusive use of the entire ranch!
  • Kids can ride horses, and play in a safe dude ranch environment with acres and acres of room to
  • Our wranglers will provide a mix of structured activities and unstructured free time.
  • We do the cooking and the dishes and the cleaning – moms can relax and even play
  • Separate suites for each family for quiet times, and comfortable common areas for visiting.
  • Denver International Airport, in the heart of the United States, is easy to reach from just about anywhere in the world.
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