Dude Ranch Staff Page – People.

Organizational Chart:

  1. Ellen doesn’t report to anyone
  2. Dan, the Front-of-the-House Manager, and the Events Manager report to Ellen.
  3. Barn Manager and Facilities Manager report to Dan
  4. All wranglers, including the Activities Wrangler and Facilities Wrangler report to Barn Manger (except when “loaned” to another Manager).
  5. All kitchen and housekeeping staff report to Front-of-the-House Manager (except when “loaned” to another Manager).

Each staff member will be given a personal weekly schedule with assigned days off and assigned duties each day (such as feeding horses, scullery wench, rifle range master or campfire s’mores-maker, etc.). This weekly schedule will repeat each week, not changing EXCEPT

  • when Events Manager has last minute weddings/events booking,
  • a neighbor needs help with an emergency,
  • significant guest requirements arise (such as handicapped guests) or
  • staff members are added or removed from the schedule (we encourage a mid-season break for each of us).   

Before breakfast each morning, all Managers will meet for a 5 minute stand-up meeting to confirm staff assignments or last minute changes & additions. 

Immediately after breakfast each manager then meets with her/his staff to confirm the day’s assignments.

If staff members are “loaned” to another manager, they will report to that manager for the remainder of the day or until told otherwise. That manager will report back to make sure that all loaned staff members preformed duties to the best of their ability (or otherwise).

Note well: one of the things that makes our ranch stand out from other ranches is our willingness to be as flexible as possible. The only thing that you can depend on around here is change. There will be days (such as when we have a severely handicapped guest, a neighbor in need or a last minute event booking) when your assignment may change three times!

This means that you will always be on a team, and that team is likely to change every day! If you require repetition, consistency, and/or lots of supervision, you will not be happy here.

Your packing list – what to bring. 

Other basic information and critically important articles you must know before you arrive.

Guide to the folks around here in no particular order (except the ghost is last)…

Dude Ranch Staff: Ellen & Dan

Dude Rancher Ellen and Dude Rancher Dan kiss

Dude Rancher Ellen and Dude Rancher Dan and Dude Ranch Dog, Draco kiss

E-mail: ride@sundancetrail.com

Position: Mainly Owners, but they do everything.

Comments: Ellen & Dan will be married for 45 years in May, and are parents of three children: Teresa, Gary & Peter. Most of their married life was spent in Michigan, but they also lived in Texas for a few years before buying the STR. They are both RN’s by training; Dan has been a home care & hospice administrator, Ellen is a Woman’s Health Nurse Practitioner.

Ellen is sometimes referred to as HMTRQ or just RQ for “Her Majesty the Ranch Queen.” Dan is referred to as the AO which stands for… well, never mind….


Advice to all male staff!

*if you have been accepted into the summer 2020 staff please email Maddie (maddiekat231@gmail.com) with your picture and a short bio so that everyone has a jump on introductions!

Name: Maddie Johnson

Email: maddiekat231@gmail.com

Position: Barn Manager

Bio: I’ve lived in Colorado for over 12 years and started working with and around horses since I was 10. When I graduated high school, I decided to follow my dream of working with horses professionally and ended up in California for a few months working for a natural horseman and at a therapeutic horse ranch. Shortly after I returned, I went to receive my certifications in equine therapeutic and sports massage while working retail. I came to this ranch after quickly finding out I couldn’t work retail, was hired on as a wrangler, and I took the position of Barn Manager a few months later. I’m so excited for another exhausting but fulfilling summer, and I can’t wait to meet you all when you arrive! Please feel free to email me anytime with any questions or concerns you may have!

Name: Lane Roland

Email: laneroland85@gmail.com

Position: Wrangler

Bio: I’ve been working with horses for as long as I can remember, I’ve got pictures of me on a horse my second day home from the hospital. Up until I was 10 my dad showed cutting horses and we hauled all over the country showing. Once he quit showing cutting horses we started training and selling horses out of Nashville Tennessee. When I was a sophomore in high school my family moved to Southeast Colorado and we managed a ranch out there. Once I graduated high school I moved back to Nashville and helped run a horse outfit until six months ago when I moved back home to help my dad train and sell horses. I look forward to meeting and working with everyone at Sundance trails this summer

Name: Deb Hubbard

Email: deb.318830@yahoo.com

Position: Wrangler

Bio: I am from Ohio and married to Joe Knight. We re-married after 20 years apart. We have four children and many grandchildren. Joe is a Service Consultant for Detroit Stoker and supervises work on stokers at power plants, paper plants, and sugar plants.

I have been riding most of my life. My experience started when I was in elementary with 4-H and open shows. This year, Haida’s Lil Okie and I received a High Point Amateur award with Ohio Ranch Horse Association in June. In addition, Okie earned the National Quarter Pony Champion #45 award.
I work out and run a little. I enjoy nature, hiking, trail cleaning, yard work, and barn work. Up until May 1, I worked for county Soil & Water Conservation District offices where I have been technician/surveyor, watershed coordinator, district administrator, and assistant administrator.

Name: Ethan Fong

Email: ethan.fong@my.wheaton.edu

Position: Wrangler

Bio: I’m from the East Coast and grew up there until I moved out to the Midwest for college. I’ve always had a passion for animals, adventure, and all things active. Because I wrestled in high school and college, I never had much time to pursue my love for horses and riding until recently. My favorite thing to do is spend time with people and learn and hear all about them and also play sports and explore new places. Getting back into the horse world and journeying into a new adventure is so exciting for me and I can’t wait to learn from and work with all of you at Sundance.

Name: Calli Nebe

Email: ccnebe@yahoo.com

Position: Wrangler

Bio: I’m 23 years old, born and raised in Texas, the youngest of a big family. I always loved horses but never had the opportunity to work with them until I worked at a dude ranch two summers ago. I now view horses as my greatest love, right alongside theatre. I graduated from Sam Houston State University with a BFA in acting and directing and plan to pursue a career in the arts. However I can’t bare to leave one love behind, and thus, I am thrilled at the opportunity to work at STR this summer.

     I sing a lot (mostly broadway songs), talk in accents when I’m hyper, and I adore food (my third love)! I have also been a dancer for ninety percent of my life (noticeable by my inability to keep my feet still for long periods of time) and am currently training in aerial circus arts. I write poetry, love the mountains, and really like being around people with good energy.

Can’t wait to meet all ya’ll this summer!

Name: Kelly Kreager

Email: kkreager3@gmail.com

Position: Kids’ Wrangler

Bio: Hi everybody! I’m from Ohio and a junior in college at Bowling Green State University. I’m studying special education, and I will graduate next May with a dual licensure in mild-moderate and moderate-intensive spectrum disabilities. I love my family, reading, and everything outdoors. Staying active in sports, especially basketball, soccer, and running, is super important to me! Riding has always been a passion of mine. I have competed on my personal horse in all-around and ranch riding events for both 4-H and open ranch series. I’m also on BGSU’s western equestrian team for horsemanship. I look forward to everything this opportunity will bring, and I can’t wait to meet all of you out at Sundance Trail this May!






Name: Tanya Miller

E-mail: misstanyasundanceranch@gmail.com

Position: House Manager

Bio: Blessed are those who live out their dreams. I try to make all my dreams come true with in reason. Explore, live and be confident to do so. Set achievable goals and eat healthy!!

Name: John Robinson

Email: wyolife20@gmail.com

Position: Kangaroo

Bio: 20 years old; Love to be around people make new friends and memories; Laid back guy; Love kids

Name: Shaina

Email: shainajade72@gmail.com

Position: Assistant Cook

Bio: Hey! I’m Shaina, and I’m 18 years old. Ever since I can remember I’ve been passionate about cooking, writing, and the beauty of nature. I am an advocate for self love and acceptance. I’m always here to listen and I’ll be there to support and help anyone through anything. I have a very open mind and personality. I love most people and I love making others happy! I also have a very good sense of humor, and I love making people laugh.

Name: Ron Tressler

Email: rlt_tressler@yahoo.com

Position: Head Cook


I am married to Kristie, and we have 8 children, all married.
Cooking is a passion of mine,
which started as a graveyard diner cook while in high school,
and has now included cooking for hunting camps, working cattle ranch, pizza parlor,
and a guest lodge in Bettles, Alaska.
The population of Bettles is 8,
and it’s located 35 miles North of the Arctic Circle.



Name: Joe Schroedl

Email: events@sundancetrail.com

Position: Marketing & Events Manager



Dude Ranch Dogs: Draco, Greenie, and Day-Z

E-mail: Just whistle

Bios: In case anyone was wondering who’s REALLY in charge around here…you’ll notice that Dan, Ellen, Tanya, and Maddie get up multiple times during each meal/meeting to let the dogs in or out as they please. Prepare your emotional stamina to avoid feeding them the table scraps they will undoubtedly beg for. Both of these pups are huge lovers and fierce protectors of the ranch. They lead the way for all trail rides and hikes and love getting the attention of every guest that comes to visit us.

Barn Cats: Red & Nameless Nubbs

Email: Don’t

Bios: You will never see Nubbs. Probably. He’s actually feral. Red, on the other hand, will pester you for food and just about anything else he wants. He’ll make his rounds around the house, rec room, and barn. He’s very sweet. Until he doesn’t want to be.

Dude Ranch Ghost Lady Katie

Dude Ranch Ghost Lady Katie

Dude Ranch Staff: Lady Catherine Moon

Name: Gratton Catherine Lawder Garton Moon, aka Lady Katie

E-mail: I am headless and therefore cannot read emails

Position: Ranch Ghost

Comments: You will be telling the Moon story every week – get familiar with it now!

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