The Legend of Chief Redfeather

With so much history in the west, how are you to choose the right dude ranch in Colorado for you?  Many guest ranches in Colorado claim sorted histories of all types but Sundance Trail Guest Ranch is lucky to be among the best locations for history buffs of all ages.  The Red Feather Lakes area, though on the map for well over a century, is still sparsely populated and offers amazing opportunities to take a walk through history, and legends…in the rough.

The Legend of Redfeather

Long ago, a young Cherokee by the name of Redfeather was living a quiet life in the flat land with his tribe when a vision changed his whole life’s direction.  This vision told him of a land, far to the north, that was full of clear water, plentiful fishing and game as far as the eye could see.

Redfeather and his loyal band of followers made the trek northward and claimed the area now known as Red Feather Lakes for the Cherokee.  Redfeather was made chief and his people prospered in the gentle valleys the park like setting offered.  He was a true leader and was beloved by his people, other tribes and travelers alike for his gentle nature and giving spirit.  When the time came, he was a fierce warrior and led his tribe to victory over many who would try to take their land.

Word got out about Redfeather’s mountain utopian paradise and soon the challenges for their land increased.  Battle after battle, Redfeather and his tribe ended victorious.  One, well-planned attack by the Pawnees caught the Cherokees by surprise and led to a long, exhausting battle between the two tribes.  Redfeather and his forces fought heroically and, eventually, the Pawnees fled but Chief Redfeather had taken his last breath on the battlefield leading the Cherokees to the finish.

The town of Red Feather Lakes has taken the legend of this great chieftain with them throughout history and still displays his namesake proudly.  The people who live and work in this area display the self-sufficiency and courage set forth by the Cherokees who settled this land.

The Red Feather Lakes Historical Society has a wonderful compilation of the stories, legends and history within the Red Feather Lakes and Livermore areas that our Colorado dude ranch is home to.  This is but a small piece of the legends available at our Colorado guest ranch and we invite you to visit us, and our surrounding area, for more!

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