To Dance With the Sun

This fantastic poem was crafted by one of our amazing guests,
Ms. Veda Levin, and we are proud to share it with you!

Most live their lives at a hurried pace,

Marching in step in an endless race,

To accumulate even more worthless things,

For the shallow life the greediness brings.

Most seldom seek the invisible skies,

Blinded, instead, by fear and lies.

The air they breathe is stale and cold,

And they often age before they grow old.

But we here see a deeper soul,

To refresh our spirits; to make us whole.

We journey to places that most never see,

With a restless yearning to really be free.

To find out place in an ancient land,

That has more wisdom that we understand,

We travel its trails on two legs or four,

Despite aching feet or a butt that is sore.

We share our laughter, our songs to be sung,

We live our dreams and are forever young.

Veda M. Levin, 2016