Colorado Dude Ranch: Sundance Trail & High Park Fire

Goodbye, Daphne Duck! Rest in Peace, High Park Fire. You are now just an Adventure Vacation chapter in our Colorado Dude Ranch History!

colorado dude ranch horse smoke

We still have Smoke (a very old horse), but no fire!

Joy and Gratitude!

  • So many folks have called or emailed – we are deeply moved by your friendship and concern. Thank You! Feel free to reply below.
  • The High Park fire is no longer news. More than half of the fire fighters (and TV vans) have all moved on to other parts of the state, with our prayers and gratitude.
  • The fire met the containment perimeter cut by fire fighters and stopped dead in its tracks, miles from here.
  • It stopped growing about three days ago.
  • And then a bit of rain cooled it off. Remaining fire fighters are mopping up.
  • Yesterday almost all of the evacuees went home.

    dude ranch fire 6/10/12

    In the beginning.... Pyro-cumulus clouds, about 27 miles from here, June 10th, 7:30pm

  • Our ranch family is now smaller by five humans, five dogs, four cats, two horses, and a very awesome DUCK.
  • Gary, Carol, Jeanie, Penny & Ron, we are so glad to have gotten to know you better! You are no longer good neighbors, now you are dear dear friends.
  • For the dude ranch, very little changed.
  • Sundance Trail continued on with our guest ranch life, always watching closely and fully prepared with fuels mitigation, sprinkler and foam throwing systems (& a few miles of
    Dude Ranch Duck

    Daphne the Dude Ranch Duck!

    hoses!), strengthening defensible space, staff training, evacuation plans, back-up vacations with neighbor ranches for guests, safe pasture for horses…. and, of course, groceries!

  • We have been preparing for this for more than 5 years, since long before the beetle kill adventure began.
  • Thanks Dave, for getting us started with those Colorado Forestry Service fuels mitigation grants so many years ago! And thanks to our friends and neighbors who were there for us; Dickie & Christine, Luann, Jim Beck, LeAndra, Patti & Dennis.
  • A HUGE big thanks to our Glacier View Fire Department and Greg and Andrea. You folks left your homes, livestock and businesses to lead the crews to protect our homes. We are grateful to you and will not soon forget your generosity and dedication.
  • We’d love to hear from you! Send us a reply here.
    1. Marvin Gottlieb
      Marvin Gottlieb06-30-2012

      I am so happy and relieved!!

    2. Eric and Brooke Durland
      Eric and Brooke Durland06-30-2012

      We’ve been following the High Park fire closely all these weeks. We’re pleased the ranch was able to dodge the bullet and impressed with how prepared you were for the worst. You guys live in a special community and we feel privileged to be able to spend a few days with you from time to time.

    3. Lisa Fitzgerald
      Lisa Fitzgerald07-02-2012

      So grateful you are all safe. What a wonderful thing to open the ranch to your neighbors. You guys are all truly amazing.

    4. Tammy Swire
      Tammy Swire07-03-2012

      Mr Dan and Ellen.

      I am so happy that everything is alright and no damage has been done to the ranch. It is such a beautiful place. I’m sorry to hear about victor he will be missed. And I really like the things coming up at the ranch. I can’t wait until I can come back and see everything and see everyone.

      See you soon

      Tammy Swire

    5. Susan Ashworth
      Susan Ashworth07-14-2012

      Glad to see that you were not affected.
      Where did Victor go? Was looking forward to seeing him in September!

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