Aspen Grove Event Manager Job Description & Application

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Position description: Wedding & Event Manager

Sundance Trail Guest Ranch has been hosting elopement weddings and very small events for a number of years now, and we are ready to build a small chapel & events center on the property. The Aspen Grove at Sundance Trail is being designed for groups of 20 to 40 people but may occasionally hold as many as 80 people.

This is a new position for a new business. As such, this is an opportunity to design and structure almost every aspect of the business from scratch, using creativity and a wide variety of skill sets; agile self-starter; able to work independently.

With minimal supervision the Event Planner will create the basic business structures listed below, and will plan, market, sell, coordinate and manage weddings, special events and other catastrophes.

Pay:  We have not yet set a pay rate for this position, as this is the first position here that is directly responsible for sales. We want to reward results, possibly with commission and/or sales bonuses, but we want to avoid the wedding planning industry abuses that have been well documented.

Our “product” is casual, relaxed and low stress. We value integrity, transparency, and honesty.

Like many dude ranchers and other small family businesses, we left wealth in search for quality of lifestyle. We traded high speed internet for horses and good cell phone reception for our neighbors: deer, elk, wild turkeys, the occasional moose. Occasionally s/he will also ride horses, hike, fish, shoot shotguns, rock climb and wash dishes. A rolling, rollicking sense of humor is absolutely necessary!

A part of our interview process will include asking you for your thoughts about how we should structure pay.

Directly responsible to: Owners and all other members of the management team.

Supervises: Clerical and per-diem personnel as assigned, when business volume allows.

Collaborates with: Catering Manager, Facilities Manager, Dude Ranch Manager, Barn Boss, as these positions are created.

Duties and responsibilities

1. All position descriptions on this ranch START with “performs other related duties as assigned.”

2. Create business structures such as:
Reservation calendar
Project budgets
Assists with the creation of the Catering and Bar Businesses
Writes and manages budget, monitoring and controlling expenditure
Reviews and analyzes customer satisfaction evaluations

3. Create products
Identify and define products and services to be sold
Destination Weddings
“Traditional,” “Casual,” and “BBQ” Weddings
Non-wedding events: business & religious retreats, reunions, dances, holiday parties, etc.
Food & bar for the above
Other rental & sales for the above

4. Package products & services for various types of weddings and other events, include packages that enhance: STR lodging, horse and recreation products and services

Gift shop
Price lists of products, services and packages that are simple, clear and stress free.
Structure products and services for planning, for example: brides’ check-off lists, rental price lists, menus, designed to minimize brides’ stress

5. Create Marketing Structures

define themes and branding
web site
social media
manage database of leads, hot leads, and customer
develop marketing campaigns & marketing calenda
nurturing emails, newsletters, holiday greetings, et
manages phone calls; answering questions, booking reservations, etc.

6. Establish Relationships
Establish positive reputation with other wedding planners and other sources of referrals
with vendors – flowers, photographers/videographers, etc
Orient and teach staff responsibilities in set up before, assistance during, and clean-up after
Provide leadership – take charge of calamities & potential calamities as they arise

7. Sales, Planning & Managing Weddings
Assists bride/grooms in the wedding planning process; themes, décor, invitations, hiring vendors.
May also assist with honeymoon planning.
May mediate event planning disagreements.
Attends rehearsals or planning sessions to oversee and manage the logistics on the wedding day,

8. Non-Wedding Special Event Sales, Planning and Managing
Plans, organizes, coordinates, promotes, and manages special events including
picnics, celebration meals, dances, family reunions, business & religious retreats
Plans and monitors event timelines;

9. Managing both weddings and non-wedding events:
Plans schedules, menus, staffing with caterer
Plans schedules, staffing, furniture layout and décor with facilities manager
Plans schedule, staffing and stocking with bar
manages inventory of backdrops, projectors, computers, and other display materials.
Maintains the master schedule of events booked


The ideal candidate will have experience and demonstrated skills as an air traffic controller, hostage negotiator, & rodeo clown, specifically:

  1. Superior communication skills and ability to respond to sensitive matters and/or situations with discretion, tact, and confidentiality. Psychotherapy skills helpful, as is having the patience of a saint.
  2. Demonstrated ability to interact with people of differing backgrounds, religious faiths and customs.
  3. Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain cooperative relationships with those contacted in the course of work; to negotiate pricing and services with honesty and integrity.
  4. Demonstrated ability to create a hospitable environment with a polished and welcoming demeanor
  5. Team player – must play well with others with a joyful sense of humor.
  6. Demonstrated strong planning and organization skills to anticipate project needs, discern work priorities, manage complex projects and meet deadlines with little supervision
  7. Willingness to work long hours, late nights, weekends and holidays especially during the summer months of wedding season.
  8. Proficient in Microsoft word, Power Point, Excel and related software.
  9. Possession of a valid driver’s license; willingness to travel throughout the state
  10. Ability to lift and carry 80# for 300 feet at 8,000 ft altitude.
  11. Having the wisdom from surviving previous catering, event and/or wedding planning, marketing and/or management experiences may be very helpful.
  12. Having the ability to post a picture on the website without cutting off peoples’ heads (as I did above) might be nice too. Sigh…

Why All This Matters: Our guests are our most important marketers. Work of mouth is our most powerful advertising. Our business is to make every guest a delighted guest.  Now gert comfortable – this is a VERY long application! Fell free to write “see resume” when appropriate.