Elope! Western Dude Ranch Elopement Wedding

Elope to a Guest Ranch Vacation: Fast! Fun! Stress free!

Kim and Gale's Western Dude Ranch Elopement Wedding

Kim and Gale's Western Dude Ranch Elopement Wedding

Justin: “We’ve gotten old and stodgy. We need some excitement around here. Let’s host elopements! Let’s host gen-u-ine western dude ranch elopement weddings. Ride a horse and tie the knot! ”

Ellen: “Elope to a Colorado dude ranch… Awwww… That’s sooo romantic!”

Jackjack: “RRRRrrrrrooooo!”

Dan: [Grumble grumble.] “Keep it simple!”

Justin: “That’s the whole idea! A simple Colorado get-away elopement wedding at a western dude ranch.

1. Folks don’t need a preacher or justice of the peace to elope. In Colorado, they just need two witnesses to sign the license with them. And getting the license is easy – no blood tests, no waiting time; just ID and $30.” The Larimer County Clerk’s rules are pretty darn simple.

2. We’re only 2 hours from Denver International Airport. Couples can fly in, get their license, marry and be in their honeymoon cabin the same day! Next day half-day horseback rides, all day horseback rides, or maybe just an hour or two and some frisbee golf, or hiking or fishing, or maybe even a jack-a-lope hunt!

Dan & Michelle's Western Dude Ranch Honeymoon

Dan & Michelle's Western Dude Ranch Honeymoon

3. They can save themselves hassle – their wedding can create a frazzled “bride-zilla” or relaxed cow girl. Instead of endless family arguments, they can enjoy a romantic ranch vacation, a spontaneous elopement wedding and honeymoon. Pull out your hair organizing or sit in the jaccuzzi with a glass of champagne.

4. They can bring guests, or keep it intimate. Heck, they can bring their kids – we can throw in a few family binding ideas. Or they can bring a bunch of friends – I’ll bet Sherri and Joel would throw in a Murder Mystery and make a week-end party!

5. We can put together a handy-dandy Ceremony Planning Guide. They can cut and paste a ceremony from our guide in a matter of minutes, or they can write their own.

6. They can save lots of money. Getting married in jeans is cheap, relaxed and fun. Ride horses a dude ranch wanderlust adventure! Dude Ranch Elopement Wedding Rates at Sundance Trail Guest Ranch

7. With our own retail liquor store, folks can enjoy alcohol if they wish: champagne, spirits, wine, beer and sodas.

Gale Helps Kim with Her Last Minute Elopement Wedding Jitters

Gale Helps Kim with Her Last Minute Elopement Wedding Jitters

8. And there’s no reason why married folks can’t elope and renew their vows.

9. Although Colorado does not yet recognize same sex marriage (we do), there’s no reason why we can’t provide these folks with a Certificate instead of a license.

Dan: “Simple rules (and not many of them!), simple ceremonies, simple fun! I like this.”

Ellen: “We’ll make little gift baskets for their rooms, and we can keep silk bouquets, and maybe some other simple keepsakes for couples to take home with them. And I can order petite wedding cakes if they want to celebrate.”