Disc Golf – First Time Here?

Colorado Ranch Vacation Disc Golf in Red Feather Lakes

Colorado Ranch Vacation Disc Golf in Red Feather Lakes

Pet Friendly Family Vacation Disc Golf in Red Feather Lakes Colorado – Bring Your Dog!

You do NOT need to call the ranch for a tee time! Come On Up!

1. How to find the ranch.

2. If you’ve brought your own refreshments and are ready to start playing, you may park in the carriage house parking lot (directly off Red Feather Lakes Rd, before passing through the red gate).

3. After parking, find the course map and drop box for playing fees  posted on the side of the shed (smallest of the three visible buildings). Fees: $3/game/person, $5/day/person or $50/year/person or for $5M we may sell you the whole ranch. If you need change, find Dan or Ellen. If no one is around to give you change, then pay us next time – we trust you. (We also can take VISA & M/C.)

4. If you have questions or need water/soda/beer/etc. continue through the red gate to the Main Lodge.

5. Please close the gate behind you. We do NOT want horses out in the road!

6. Please drive very slowly – we do not want you to run into a horse or over a child, puppy or jackalope!

7. Drive up to the lodge and park at the lodge. Please do not park on the grass anywhere on the property. At 8,000 feet, it takes years (literally!) for the grass to recover.

8. Come on into the dining room through the front porch.

9. In the dining room you should find the Necessary Room, and pitchers of ice water to fill your bottles, and cookies to fill your tummy.

10. Please, ALWAYS give horses with riders the right away. Do NOT throw when horses with riders are nearby – flying discs can spook the horse! Please do not try to “sneak in one quick throw” before the horses are actually on top of you – if you are in such a rush that you are willing to risk other people’s safety, then maybe you will be happier playing somewhere else.

11. Don’t worry about horses that are not carrying riders.

12. Your dogs are welcome, providing they get along with our dogs and goats and whatever else is wandering around the course.

13. If you put your name and phone number on your disc, we will call you when it is found (or when we clean the pond!). Magic markers in the kitchen – ask the cook.

14. You do NOT need to call to reserve a tee time. Even though other web sites say you do!