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Staff – What to Bring With You!

    • A Smile!!!
    • Small Alarm Clock
    • A watch – wranglers you must have a watch with a count down timer for filling water troughs – my watch cost me about $35 and has lasted over 7 years. My alarm clock is built into my watch.
    • One warm winter jacket or ski parka.
    • Most staff wear cowboy boots. Tennis shoes in good condition and/or hiking boots are also good to have. (You must have cowboy boots or tennis shoes to ride-not hiking boots! You should have hiking boots to hike-not tennis shoes or cowboy boots!) Many people find these less expensive to buy these here than at home.
    • Western shirts, a sweater, socks, underwear, and plenty of jeans (nothing patched, torn, or with holes). You must wear true western every day- if we feel that your wardrobe is not “authentic” we may require you to purchase more clothes. Again, many people find buying these here much less expensive to buy here than at home. Also note that Ft. Collins is a college town, with two different “gently used” clothing stores that are popular with students.
    • Cowboy hats with stampede strings. Best price for stampede strings is probably here (STR). Stampede string are required at all times when working with horses and when riding. We are on the Wyoming border, and sudden gusts of high wind are very common. This is non-negotiable, as flying hats is the primary cause of riding injuries. If you are not comfortable with this, if you choose to not look “dorky,” then please don’t take employment here – we will terminate your relationship with us immediately.
    • Kitchen staff are to wear baseball caps to control hair.
    • Wranglers may bring or ship your own saddle (let us know if you are shipping) and chaps/chinks (west of the Mississippi, they are pronounced “shaps”).
    • Swimsuit, shorts, sportswear, etc.
    • One pair of “grubbies” (old work clothes that can get messed up or torn- painting, repairing fences, etc.)
    • Depending upon your position- a GOOD pair of leather work gloves. (Wranglers-this is a must)
    • Gentlemen, it is highly recommended that you have TWO sets of underwear and socks; one set to wear while you are here and one set to wear home at the end of your season.
    • A good pocket knife. (Wranglers- this is also a must)
    • Musical instruments, except maybe not your tuba.
    • Sunscreen, lip balm and lotion.
    • Toiletries – tooth paste, deodorant, etc.
    • Restrained hair styles, restrained make-up, and restrained jewelry.
    • A surge protector for your electronics is HIGHLY recommended. Lightening strikes destroy a LOT of electronics on the mountain.
    • Documents you MUST have:

1. Driver’s license AND

2.Social Security Card or copy of birth certificate or passport

3. Wranglers: First Aide and CPR certification cards

□Your (Windows based) computer MUST have Avast or Avira anti-virus (free version) running – or any other virus protection that you prefer – you will be asked to show this when you arrive. Without protection, our test machine picked up a89 viruses in 1 hour…

Things NOT to Bring:

  • Don’t bring too much—hanging and storage space is limited. (Washers are available at no charge.)
  • Sheets, towels, pillows—we supply all linen.
  • Pets without permission
  • Friends or overnight guests without previous permission.
  • Firearms without specific permission from Dan
  • Do not change your address with the post-office, have your family forward your mail. When you leave here, you cannot file change of address with the Post Office, as this address is classified as a business.

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