Yehaw!!! Snow for our Dude Ranch Halloween!!!

Mountain Lodge Horse Back Riding in the Snow

Mountain lodge guest Laura horse back riding on dude ranch Skip!

Laura and Skip enjoy the snow.

Hmmmm…… The weather people call for an October total of 2.9 inches of snow for our area. We got that three weeks ago, and it disappeared the next morning, as October snow should. The aspens still claim October as theirs; time to show off their golden leaves.

Dude Ranch horse back riding with Gauge at our Colorado Mountain Lodge

HoustonTracy with her horse Gauge

Oops! Wait a minute – we got a good eight more inches last night, and another six inches falling today!

The dogs are delighted! The older horses are playing like foals! The goats are making snow angels and laughing!

And the guests riding in the snow? Just look at their faces…

Mountain Lodge Horse back Riding: Stacy and Kevin:

This Sure Ain't Houston Horse back Riding Y'all!

Tracy (from Houston!) says that riding in the snow is spectacular. I think that Laura (from Cleveland) agrees. Not too sure what Texan Kevin (also from Houston) thinks, but his horse, Jack is a happy fella! At lunch Kevin said it was a great ride…

Cowboy Victor was born and raised up here – he’s just cold!

mountain lodge cowboy horseback riding on dude ranch horse

Mountain lodge cowboy Victor horseback riding his trusty steed, Trigger!

So now it’s official.

It’s fall. now we’re ready for Halloween!

Trick or treat!!!

Colorado Dude Ranch snowperson

First snow-person of the season. Jack! No Jack! No! Ahhhh... naughty dog....

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